Akademi High School is a Prestigious High School[1] that Yandere-chan, Senpai currently attends. This school is where the ten rivals and other students attend. Along with the Aishi House and Buraza Town, it is the main setting for Yandere Simulator.

In the final game, the school will be referred to as an academy rather than as a high school.[2] The school and town will be separated by a winding trail surrounded by trees so that when Yandere-chan is in school, she will not be able to see the town. This is to keep the framerate up, as the town will then not have to be rendered.[3]

Akademi is a very famous high school; it is synonymous with Harvard or Yale within the world of Yandere Simulator.[4]

Every student will wear the default school uniform unless customized by the player.

The school size is 145×192 as of December 1st 2018.[5]

Main Building

Announcement Room

Main Article: Announcement Room

The Announcement Room is used to delete incriminating security footage.

Announcement Room 5-18-2018 1

Announcement Room.

Art Club

Main Article: Art Club

Students in the Art Club will use this room to paint pictures. The Art Club has a changing booth, so the Club members can change into their club uniform.


Art Club.

Art Room

Main Article: Art Room

There are easels set up around the room, as well as bookshelves, and posters. Also, a blackboard on the right side wall and a pedestal in the center. In the future, it will be used for classes.[6]


Art Room.

Audiovisual Room

Main Article: Audiovisual Room

For now, the only purpose of the Audiovisual Room is to provide a radio for Yandere-chan to use as a distraction.


Audiovisual Room.


Main Article: Bathrooms

There are bathrooms in the eastern wing of every floor of the school. The toilet stalls can be used to hide corpses and to drown students, and to also to some how eliminate your current rival.


A female bathroom.

Biology Lab

Main Article: Biology Lab

The use of the Biology Lab is currently unknown. The room has not been fully implemented yet, but it will soon.

Biology Lab

Biology Lab.


Main Article: Cafeteria

The cafeteria is an area in the school where students go to gossip. This room is located on the second floor in the south wing of the school. Two vending machines that the player can buy drinks from are located at the back of the room. A trash can is located between these two machines. There are also two lunch tables, but no student ever goes there now.


The Cafeteria.

Calligraphy Room

Main Article: Calligraphy Room

The use of the Calligraphy Room is currently unknown. The room has not been fully implemented yet. Although this room exists, there will not be a Calligraphy Club.[7]

Calligraphy Room

Calligraphy Room.


Main Article: Classrooms

Each classroom has fifteen desks and two doors: one at the back of the room and one next to the teacher's desk. Currently, all classrooms look the same. Yandere-chan can go to her classroom to distribute study points in the morning and after lunch, if Yandere-chan is caught multiple times in the wrong classroom this will get her sent to the guidance counselor and will end by Yandere-chan being expelled for a few days or she will be able to convince the counselor she didn't mean to.

Classroom 15.11

One of the classrooms.

Computer Lab

Main Article: Computer Lab

The Computer Lab is located on the third floor. The player can listen to cassette tapes in this room, now this room is used to be the gaming club but now all your able to do is listen to the tapes you pick up.


Computer Lab.

Confession Tree

Main Article: Confession Tree

The Confession Tree is the cherry tree that sits on a hill behind the main building of Akademi High School; this is where a rival confesses their love to Senpai. If Yandere-chan succeeds in eliminating all rivals, she will confess her love here. If she fails on eliminating her rival she won't have senpai and will result in a game over


The Confession Tree.

Cooking Club

Main Article: Cooking Club

Students in the Cooking Club will use this room after school to prepare and eat food. When part of the club, the player can make food for other students to increase the player's reputation. Shoku Tsuburaya is the substitute of the club. The future president will be Amai Odayaka.

The Official Cooking Club

Cooking Club.

Counselor's Office

Main Article: Counselor's Office

The guidance counselor currently resides here. The player can report their rival to the counselor once a day to get the rival expelled. The player can also get sent to her office by misbehaving infront of Teachers.

Counsellor's Office Oct 15

The Counselor's Office.

Drama Club

Main Article: Drama Club

Members of the drama club meet here before going to the backstage area of the gymnasium. There are six masks that are used to hide Yandere-chan's identity and a table with gloves to frame students for murder. The Magical Girl Wand and Fantasy Sword are also found here. The substitute club leader is Tsuzuro Yamazaki. Future president will be Kizana Sunobu.


Drama Club. June 28th, 2017.


Main article: Dumpsters

Dumpsters are found at the back of the school, and Yandere-chan can push students off from the rooftop into them. Two cassette tapes and a garbage bag can be found here. Yandere-chan can place garbage bags inside the dumpster to cover up the body. Delinquents will guard the dumpster from 7:15 AM to 8:30 AM, and from 1:15 PM to 1:30 PM.

3-2-16 Dumpster

A dumpster.

English Classroom

Main article: English Classroom

The use of the English Classroom is currently unknown. The room has not been fully implemented yet.

Photo 7-2

An English Classroom.

Faculty Room

Main article: Faculty Room

The faculty room is where teachers and other school faculty members will go to. There are several desks with books, papers, and bookshelves. The player can steal an answer sheet from one of the desks as part of a scheme from Info-chan to get the current rival expelled. 

6-29-2016 Faculty Room

The Faculty Room. June 29th, 2016.

Fire Extinguishers

Main Article: Fire Extinguishers

There are three fire extinguishers located at the end of the western hall next to each bathroom. They will be used as bludgeoning weapons.[8]

Fire Extinguisher

A Fire extinguisher.


Main Article: Fountain

The fountain is located in the middle of the plaza in the school, surrounded by benches and cherry trees. The player can drown a student in the fountain. This is where students go to gossip before school. It is also the place where Senpai sits and reads before school.

4-9-2017 Fountain

The fountain. April 9th, 2017.


In the front area of Akademi High School, there is the main gate and the side gate. When it is not class time, the gym teacher stands near the entrance. Most of the students enter the school through here.


School Front.


Main Article: Garden

Students in the Gardening Club use this area after school. The Shovel, circular saw, old axe, and axe can be found here. The garden shed, greenhouse, wood chipper, jerry can, and a bucket can be found here.


The Garden.


Main Article: Greenhouse

The greenhouse is located in the garden. No students use it yet.


The Greenhouse.


Main Article: Gymnasium

In the future, the gym will be used for Senpai-Rival interaction events, some club activities, and performances. A baseball bat can be found next to a wall of the gymnasium if the player joins the Sports Club. The gymnasium is also the meeting place for the Sports Club, and the Drama Club uses the backstage area.


Gym Interior.

Headmaster's Office

Main Article: Headmaster's Office

The headmaster works here. The Katana is also located here.


The Headmaster's Office.

Hedge Maze

Main Article: Hedge Maze
The Hedge Maze serves no purpose currently, but when Osana Najimi has been implemented it is used for her task.
2-10-2017 maze

Hedge Maze. February 10th, 2017.

Home Economics Room

Main Article: Home Ec Room

The use of the Home Economics Room is currently unknown. The room has not been fully implemented yet.


Home Economics Room.


Main Article: Incinerator

The incinerator is a machine that Yandere-chan can use to dispose of evidence and corpses. It is located in the disposal area near the northwest side of the school, to the right of the dumpster. Delinquents will guard the incinerator from 7:15 AM to 8:30 AM, and from 1:15 PM to 1:30 PM.

3-2-16 Incinerator

The incinerator.


Main Article: Infirmary

The infirmary is where the nurse is located, and you can pickpocket her to get a key to a cabinet. There are several beds, tables, cabinets, chairs, a couch, a desk, and emetic poison. A syringe and tranquilizer are located here for use in kidnapping. You can also rest on one of the cots after being beat up by a Delinquent.



Info Club

Main Article: Info Club

The use of the Info Club is currently unknown, but the player can peek through the curtains to see what is inside the room. The room has not been fully implemented yet.


The Info Club. March 16, 2016.


Main Article: Library

The only use of the Library for now is to increase a suitor's intelligence. The room has not been fully implemented yet.


The Library.

Light Music Club

Main Article: Light Music Club

The Light Music Club Members use this room after school. At the back of the room, there is a cello case, mirror, and Mr. Jazzy Feet. Miyuji Shan is the current leader of the Light Music Club. When part of the club, you can activate a music minigame to gain reputation points.

LMC Room

Light Music Club.

Locker Room

Main Article: Locker Room

The locker room is where students go before and after school to swap their outdoor shoes for their indoor shoes, and vice versa.[9] Yandere-chan can leave a note in lockers to arrange a meeting if certain requirements are met.


Empty locker room.

Martial Arts Club

Main Article: Martial Arts Club

The students in the Martial Arts Club use this room before and after school. Yandere-chan will be able to partake in this club's activities and meetings if she joins the club.

6-1-2017 Martial Arts Club room

Martial Arts Club room. June 1st, 2017.

Meeting Room

Main Article: Meeting Room

As of now, club leaders gather here with the Student Council for weekly meetings on 3:30 PM at Friday. In the future, the room will be used for weekly meetings between faculty too.


Meeting Room.

Occult Club

Main Article: Occult Club

The students in the Occult Club use this room before and after school. Yandere-chan will be able to partake in this club's activities and meetings if she joins. The ritual knife is located in a crack in the skull on the pedestal in this room. The player can access the demonic ritual here. The room has not been fully implemented yet.


The Occult Club.

Photography Club

Main Article: Photography Club

Students in the Photography Club will use this room after school. Yandere-chan will be able to partake in the club’s activities and meetings if she joins. The Yokai Story volumes can be found in here.


The Photography Club.


Main Article: Plaza

The plaza is in the middle of the main second school building. Senpai goes here to read a book before class starts while Musume patrols around the plaza with her phone out.


The plaza.


Main Article: Rooftop

The top of Akademi High School is a place where some students will linger at lunch. Yandere-chan can commit fake suicide here and eavesdrop on private conversations.



Science Club

Main Article: Science Club

Students in the Science Club use this room after school for scientific purposes. If the player joins the club, then they will have access to a small Science Vacuum to clean up blood and blowtorches to cauterize a corpse's injuries and stop them from bleeding.


Science Club room.

Science Lab

Main Article: Science Lab

The science lab is where the player can find poison to put in the rival's food. It is located on the second floor. The room was called "Chemistry Lab" prior to the November 15th, 2015 Build.


The Science Lab.

Sewing Room

Main Article: Sewing Room

In the future, this will be a classroom where students sew a new school uniform every day, providing the player with the option to get a new uniform daily.[10] The room has not been fully implemented yet.


Sewing Room.


Main Article: Shed

Located in the garden, a circular saw, bleach, and rat poison can be found here.

Tool Shed

The Shed.

Shower Room

Main Article: Shower Room

The Shower Room and all its contents are in a building separate from the rest of the school. Students will bathe here if their uniforms are ruined. Yandere-chan can also go here to get a new uniform and to wash blood off herself. There will be a males' locker room in the future, possibly so Yandere-chan can admire or steal something from Senpai.[11] There is currently a male locker room, but Yandere-chan can't enter it under normal means as of now.


Shower Room.

Sociology Classroom

Main Article: Sociology Classroom

The Gaming Club has "taken" over the Sociology Classroom. Club members will use this room after school. The player can join the club here.


Sociology Classroom.

Storage Rooms

Main Article: Storage Rooms

There are multiple storage rooms, one of which is an area where the player can kidnap students. Six of them are found across the school, but only the first floor storage room on the left is currently functional. The storage room on the right of the first floor holds various Easter Eggs.


A storage room.

Student Council

Main Article: Student Council

The students in the Student Council use this room before and after school. A laptop in the room is used for Megami Saikou's monologue to Yandere-chan.


Student Council Room.

Swimming Pool

Main Article: Swimming Pool

Yandere-chan will be able to drown rivals here.[12] Athletic students also use the pool to swim laps.


The swimming pool.


Main Article: Track

Students in the Sports Club use this area after school. The use of the track is currently unknown. The track has not been fully implemented yet.

2-10-2017 track from above

Aerial view of the track.

Vending Machine

Main Article: Vending Machine

Two vending machines are located on the second floor. Yandere-chan is able to buy soft drinks here. They were added just for fun[13] and there is no limit to the amount of drinks that can be bought. They also currently have no use as of now. There is a Trash Can located between the two machines.


The vending machines.

Wood Chipper

Main Article: Wood Chipper

The wood chipper is located in the bottom right corner of the garden. Yandere-chan is able to dispose of corpses and create a bucket of blood here.


The active wood chipper.


Main Article: Workshop

The use of the Workshop is currently unknown. The room has not been fully implemented yet.

Photo 8-2

The Workshop.



School Anthem


A picture of the School Anthem, as shown on Twitter.


Main Article: Internet

As of the October 8th, 2015 Build, the player can access Akademi High School's social media page. Here Yandere-chan can write and read messages, and spread rumors about students.

7-30-2017 Internet

July 30th, 2017.

The symbol in the center of the pink flower is saikou (最高), which means "best". With the arrows pointing in many directions, the logo means "the best in all ways" or "the best at everything".[14] Currently, this logo can only be seen on the Akademi High's front gate and social media page.


Main Article: Manga

Multiple manga series can be found scattered around Akademi High School. Yandere-chan is able to read them at night to increase her Seduction Level, Numbness Level, Enlightenment Level, and more. The mangas presently available on school grounds are Cherry Touch, Life Note, and Yokai Story.


Main Article: Tapes

Ten Mysterious Tapes can be found randomly across the campus. Yandere-chan is able to collect them and listen to them in the Computer Lab to learn more about the lore of the school.


A tape.


  • When walking or running around, the environment flashes due to certain camera angles.


  • The original layout of the school was based on Yasogami High School from Persona 4.[15]
  • Yandere-chan may be able to call the school to explain that she is "sick" if she misses a day of school because of torturing a student.[16]
  • The reason why there are no security cameras is because the school cares about its reputation. They don't want to create an image of a school where students are in danger, need protection, or surveillance.[17]
  • The police and the media stay away from the school because the headmaster bribes the police, as said in Mysterious Tape #2.
Old test environment version 2

Old test environment.

  • There used to be an old test environment that YandereDev later removed in the May 24th, 2015 Build. He said that later in the game there would be better environments.[19]
  • Despite the game using a lot of Japanese themes, signs, and boards in-game will be in English instead of kanji. (Kanji are Chinese characters used in the Japanese language.)[20]
  • There's apparently a rival school, but there will be no rivals from there. It will appear in a flashback because a very important character from that school plays a role in the game's backstory.[21]

A different design of Akademi High School.

  • The original plan for renovating Akademi High was to simply use this model. That plan didn't work, so modular pieces were created instead.[22]
  • Akademi High was founded around 1985.[23]
  • The name of the school is similar to the Japanese katakana spelling for "academy": Akademī (アカデミー).
  • YandereDev thinks there should be an option for the player to press a button and see a map of the school. However, he won’t prepare something like this until the school is 100% final.[24]
  • The second kanji on the school logo, "高", is sometimes used as an abbreviation of the Chinese word for high school, "高等学校". This may or may not be intentional.
  • YandereDev has stated that his vision of Yandere-chan's school's uniform closely resembled Kotonoha's uniform from School Days. This is now possible thanks to the breakthrough on May 22nd, 2016.[25]
  • After it was suggested to him, YandereDev is considering the idea of the school layout being shaped like the Saikou logo from above.[26]
  • Possibly, there were originally plans to have a baseball field at the school, but the plans were scrapped.[27]


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