March 16th, 2016.

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February 2nd, 2016.

The Art Club is a club in Akademi High School.


This room is on the second floor in the northern wing. A placeholder club leader stands in the middle of the room. A changing booth is located in the back, where the player can change into a blue smock. In the future, this room will contain a wide variety of art, such as ceramics and sculptures. Boxes are located at the front of the club. A box cutter is found on one of the boxes.

Joining Club

To join the club, the player will have to talk to the placeholder club leader and select the "Join" option on the interaction wheel. After joining, the player will wear a beret.


If Yandere-chan joins this club, she will not be considered suspicious if wearing a painter's smock while covered in blood, as students will assume that it's red paint.

In the future, the player may be able to paint a picture of Senpai to reclaim lost sanity.[1]


Students will use this room after school. As this room is not implemented yet, no students will go inside yet. This room will be used as a private club, rather than a school-used Art Room.[2] During club activities from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM, the members inside will create paintings and sculptures.

In the future, the player may be able to cremate bodies using a kiln here.[3]



A student in the Art Club.

Leaving and Disbanding

In the future, Yandere-chan can be kicked out if she does not participate in club activities at least once a week. They will also be kicked out if a member sees the player kill another student. If the leader dies, goes missing, or if there are less than five members, the club will disband. Once the club closes, the door to the room will be locked.

The player can also request permission to leave, but once they leave, they can never join again.


  • This room was implemented in the December 1st, 2015 Build, but full implemented in the March 15th, 2016 Build.
  • A poster of the Art Club can be found by the Locker Room as of the March 31st, 2016 Build.


  • If the player changes out of the smock in the Shower Room, the steam clouds will not appear and Yandere-chan will freeze in place.
  • The player can not go to class with a bloody smock on.



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