Holding the axe. June 21st, 2016.

The axe is a weapon in Yandere Simulator.


The axe can be found outside the shed, in the front of the building. It is seen as suspicious and cannot be concealed. If a student notices Yandere-chan holding the axe, her reputation will drop by ten points (if the School Atmosphere is high).

Yandere-chan cannot use the axe when fighting a Heroic student and will automatically lose, as the weapon is too unwieldy to use in close quarters.

The axe can be placed inside the cello case or the trash can in order to conceal it.

Axe Animations

There are four different killing animations for the axe, depending on Yandere-chan's level of sanity.[1]

  • High Sanity: The player will step forward and hit the student on the head with the axe.
  • Medium Sanity: The player will knock the student down on their knee and hit the student on the head.
  • Low Sanity: The player will knock the student down on their knee, hit them in the head and whack them repeatedly.
  • Stealth Kill: The player will put the axe around the student's neck and break their neck.


Why do you have an axe?! What are you planning to do with that?!
— A student seeing Yandere-chan holding the axe.


  • The axe was modeled by Druelbozo.[2]
  • The axe was implemented in the June 21st, 2016 Build.
  • Prior to November 16th, 2016 Build, there wasn't a spoken reaction from students if Yandere-chan was seen carrying the axe.
  • Despite belonging to the Gardening Club, students will react to the axe even if Yandere-chan is a member of the club.
  • The axe killing animation is the same as the baseball bat, dumbbell, katana, the magical girl wand and the shovel.