Buckets are key tools used for cleaning up blood, soaking students, and crushing students.


Yandere-chan holding a bucket.


Buckets are located around the school, in the bathrooms, one on the rooftop, and one next to the wood chipper. They are all blue, oval-shaped, and highlighted cyan in Yandere Vision.

Yandere-chan can only carry one bucket at a time.


During cleaning time students will not see the bucket as suspicious. However, if it is any other time of day, Yandere-chan will lose 10 reputation points if spotted by a student.


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When murdering an NPC with a weapon, the victim will spill blood on the ground creating a puddle of blood. Yandere-chan must use a bucket, mop, and bleach to clean up all the bloodstains to avoid a decrease in School Atmosphere. The more blood that is mopped up and dipped into a bucket, the bloodier the water in the bucket will get. If the water becomes bloody, it will have to be refilled to continue mopping.


Soaking Students

Without panty buffs, one corpse is enough to make the water bloody. If Yandere-chan simply dumps water, blood, or gasoline onto Kokona Haruka, while she is having her phone conversation, she will flee to the shower room to bathe and change.

Yandere-chan can also "accidentally" trip and spill liquids onto Kokona. Yandere-chan's reputation will decrease by 10 points if Kokona is splashed with water or gasoline and 70 points if Kokona is splashed with blood. Yandere-chan will not lose any reputation if a bloody Kokona sees that she is also bloody.


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In the future, the police will think that a rival killed someone if they have bloody clothing in their locker after changing.[1]


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There is a large stack of buckets in one of the first-floor girls' bathrooms that Yandere-chan is able to stand on. While Kokona Haruka is using the bathroom, Yandere-chan can dump water, blood, or gasoline on her. This is a set up for the electrocution elimination method.


February 8th, 2016. Pouring water on Kokona in the bathroom.

Wood Chipper

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Yandere-chan can use the wood chipper to dispose of corpses. Once a corpse is placed inside, the machine will grind it up and let out blood into a bucket placed beneath, filling the bucket with blood.

Two buckets can be put beneath, but when the machine is activated, only one bucket will be filled with blood.


The wood chipper.


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Yandere-chan can empty gasoline from a jerry can into a bucket. She can then splash a student with gasoline from the bucket. If a match is tossed at the student doused with gasoline, they will catch on fire and burn to death.


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If Yandere-chan puts five dumbbells into a bucket, she can drop it off the rooftop to crush Kokona below during her Monday phone call.


June 15th, 2016. Dumbbells in the bucket.


  • In the June 15th, 2016 Build, if Yandere-chan fills the bucket with gasoline first, then the bucket on the rooftop will refill with gasoline instead of water.


  • At high School Atmosphere, students will overlook a bloody bucket. Once the atmosphere drops to 66%, it will be reputation damaging. Under 34%, it might become incriminating and alarming. Since it's not a fully functioning feature yet, students will overlook the bloody buckets regardless of School Atmosphere. [2]
  • Before the June 16th, 2015 Build, water could not get bloody.
  • The water will turn into blood if the player presses the B key while holding a bucket that is filled with water. This will affect all buckets filled with water anywhere on school grounds.
  • As of the August 26th, 2015 Build, if a female student sees a corpse while she is wet with water, she will not dry herself and flees the school. If she is bloody and sees a corpse, she will quickly wash off and then flee.

    A bucket with clear water. April 6th, 2015.

  • A bloody student will not react if they see Yandere-chan taking photos of them, because they would expect that sort of thing to happen to anyone seen covered in blood. This technique can be used to frame people in the future builds.[3]
  • The water in the bucket used to be clear and reflective.
  • There was originally a bucket at the front of the school, but in the March 2nd, 2016 Build, the bucket, mop and sink there have been removed.


Kyaaaa! Did someone just really throw water on me? Why would someone do this!? I can't go to class like this! I need to go change my clothes!
— Kokona after being doused with water.
Kyaaaa! What is this?!! Is this blood?! Where did all this blood come from?! I can't go to class like this! I need to change my clothes.
— Kokona after being doused with blood.
What...IS this?! It smells like...gasoline?!
— Kokona after being doused with gasoline.
Kyaaaa! Ugh, seriously?! Be more careful!
— Kokona after Yandere-chan trips and splashes water on her.