Burial area

The garden plots. July 24th, 2016.

Burial is a corpse disposal method in Yandere Simulator.[1]


The player is able to dispose of a maximum of nine corpses or tranquilized/sleeping bodies by burying them in the garden when in the Gardening Club


  • A sneak peek of burial was shown in the blog post, May Preview #6. It showed Yandere-chan standing over the grave of Kokona Haruka with a shovel in the player's hand.
  • YandereDev was originally going to give the player the ability to bury a kitten to distract police dogs from finding a corpse. He later decided that this idea would require a lot of extra lore to be added to the game, which was something he didn't want.[2]
    • Instead, YandereDev thinks that burial should be a way to temporarily hide bodies until permanent corpse disposal methods become available.
  • In the future, corpses may start to smell after 24 hours, leading to a police investigation and a lower school atmosphere.[3]
  • Burial was implemented in the July 24th, 2016 Build.