May Preview #11.

Burning is an elimination method in Yandere Simulator.


In order to be able to eliminate a rival by burning them, the player first needs to fill a bucket with gasoline from a jerry can, which is located in the garden. Then they must buy a box of matches from the Drops menu for 5 panty shots.

Then, the player should douse the rival with gasoline from the bucket in order to burn her. The rival will wonder why she smells like gasoline and ponder for ten seconds before running to the shower room. During this time, the player can toss a lit match at the rival. The rival will burst into flames, scream, and try to brush off the fire, before collapsing. Any students nearby who witness the death will step back in shock for a couple of seconds before acting on their personas.


  • Students react to a burning student with the same lines as they do when they see a dead body.
  • Students don't react to a burnt body that is being carried by Yandere-chan.


  • YandereDev has said that burning to death would take a lot longer in real life, but in a video game, "you gotta speed things up."[1]
  • This elimination method was implemented in the June 15th, 2016 Build.
  • Burning was first hinted at in the blog post, May Preview #4. It showed a girl burning to death through unknown means. A Challenges sprite art for it was shown in May Preview #11.
May Preview 4

May Preview #4.