Clingy/Damsel[1] is a persona that is unique to most rivals. The official name of the persona is currently unknown. It has not been implemented yet.

Clingy/Damsel will be a rival-only persona. If students with this persona see the player commit murder, they will run to Senpai and tell him all about the player's actions. This will cause an instant Game Over.[2]

If a rival is eliminated peacefully, she will no longer have this persona.[3]



  • Muja Kina and Mida Rana may not have this persona, since the school nurses will be Heroic[4] and the teachers will be Strict. Oka Ruto is also an exception, as she currently has the Coward persona. Osoro Shidesu may not have this persona either; if she witnesses murder, she will not run to Senpai, but will instead attack the player.[5]