Corkboard HUD

Corkboard HUD

The corkboard is an area in the Aishi House where photos can be placed.

The current corkboard is located in the top right corner of Yandere-chan's bedroom. It functions like a real-life corkboard. When walking to the corkboard, a pink HUD pops up saying "Corkboard".

Original Appearance

In an older version of Yandere-chan's bedroom, the corkboard was extremely large and covered almost all of the western wall. It changed in size in the October 8th, 2015 Build.



Whenever the player is playing Yandere Simulator (excluding when in Yandere-chan's room, the basement, or the town), the player can take photos with Yandere-chan's phone. From there, the player can choose to save the photo, delete it, or send it to Info-chan.

The next day, Yandere-chan is able to click and drag her photos to the corkboard. The player is able to slide and tilt them around. In the video, "A Tour of Yandere-chan's Room", it was suggested the player may be able to place a red string around the board. This has not been implemented yet.


Game Pad

  • X: Deletes photo. Once a photo is upon the board, X can then remove it.
  • Y: Adjusts photo.
  • A: View photo up close.
  • B: Return to Bedroom.


  • F: Deletes photo.
  • R: Adjusts photo.
  • E: View photo up close.
  • Q: Return to Bedroom.


  • Pictures put onto the corkboard, disappear the next day.


  • The player may be able to manually decorate the corkboard, as well as the rest of Yandere-chan's room.[1]
  • The corkboard was implemented in the March 14th, 2015 Build.
  • In the "April Fools Parody Trailer", the corkboard was decorated with pictures of Rival-chan and knives pinning the pictures to the board.