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Many corpses by the school entrance. February 8th, 2016.

A corpse is the body left behind when an NPC is killed in Yandere Simulator.

To keep School Atmosphere high and stop the police from arriving on school grounds, they must be hidden from everyone's sight and disposed of by the end of the day.

Types of Corpses

Regular Homicide

Main Article: Homicide

If Yandere-chan attacks somebody using a weapon, the weapon and her uniform will be bloodied and the corpse will leak blood as she drags it. If the player's physical education level is high enough, the corpse can be carried, leaving only the single pool of blood from the initial attack. A blowtorch can be used to perform cauterization on a corpse, so that it does not leave a blood trail.

Fake Suicide

Main Article: Fake Suicide

A fake suicide victim's corpse will also leak blood, unless it falls into a dumpster.

Attempted Kidnapping

Main Article: Kidnapping

If the main character's Biology skill is lower than Rank 2 and she uses a syringe on a student, she will accidentally kill them. If the player character is with the target in the northwest storage room on the first floor, but does not close the door, the target will die. The target will also die if the player stops the student from following them then attempts to tranquilize them, or if the target is a male. Their corpse will also leak blood when dragged, and the Zs that float around the victim's head when they have been tranquilized will not show up.

To prevent the player from accidentally killing the victim, a Kidnapping Checklist will appear onscreen when entering the northeast storage room on the first floor, telling the player if they are currently meeting all of the criteria to perform a kidnapping or not. If the player doesn't meet all the criteria, it will kill the victim instead.


Main Article: Drowning

Drowned victims do not leak blood, as drowning does not create any external wounds.


Main Article: Burning

After any student has died from burning to death, their corpse will slowly turn black. After a minute has passed, they will be pure black and no more flames will appear on their body.


Main Article: Electrocution

Victims of electrocution do not leak blood, and their corpse will smoke slightly instead.


Main Article: Poisoning

Victims of poisoning do not leak blood. If the protagonist does not touch the corpse and a student sees it, they will call their teacher regardless of their persona. The teacher will call the paramedics instead of the police, because they have no reason to believe the victim was murdered. In the future, students may call the nurse instead of their teacher.[1]

Choosing to move a poisoned corpse will make it function like any other corpse, except that it does not leak blood. It can be hidden and disposed of, and anybody who sees the protagonist dragging the corpse will react based on their persona.


Main Article: Suicide

When the player hands a weapon to a mind-broken student, the student will kill the current rival, then will kill herself. There will be two corpses as a result, but the protagonist will not be bloody or have lost sanity. If the police timer appears, she does not need to dispose of her weapon or uniform. Murder-suicides are more difficult to hide than other methods, as there are two corpses to hide instead of one.

Dismembered Corpses

Main Article: Dismemberment

Once the player kills a student, they have the option to dismember the corpse with a circular saw. Once cut up, the dismembered student will be in six sections: right arm, left arm, head, torso, left leg, and right leg. The player can only carry one part at a time. Police and NPCs will not react to a dismembered corpse yet.

Hiding Corpses

Bodies can be hidden in dumpsters (currently only fake suicide victims),[2] bathroom stalls, and empty rooms. If Yandere-chan goes to class, the corpse will be discovered, a police investigation will occur, and the day will end.

YandereSimJune15th 2016-06-16 13-14-32-982

When dragging corpses through the hallways, students and teachers in their classrooms will see Yandere-chan unless the classroom doors are closed.

Hiding corpses is only a temporary solution, as they will still be found at the end of the day unless they are disposed of.

Corpses won't be able to be hidden in lockers as Japanese lockers are too small.[3]

Disposing of Corpses

New Dumping Animation

Dumping a corpse into the incinerator.

There are currently four ways to dispose of a corpse: through the dumpsters,[2] through the incinerator, through the wood chipper and through burial. So far, only fake suicide victims can be disposed of through dumpsters. The player must cover their body with a garbage bag. To dispose of a corpse through the incinerator, Yandere-chan must dump the body inside and activate it. If any student is killed on the rooftop, the player can dump their body from the roof from the east or west sides and bring it to the incinerator.

If the police are called, Yandere-chan has five minutes to dispose of the corpse. Unless she is able to bathe herself in the girls' Shower Room, dispose of her bloody uniform, and dispose of the murder weapon, she will be linked to the murder and arrested by the police. The School Atmosphere will be lowered if she does not dispose of the corpse, or if the death is determined to be a homicide and the killer is not apprehended. If she frames an NPC or rival for the murder and they are apprehended, the School Atmosphere will not be affected.

If Yandere-chan disposes of the corpse without anyone noticing it, the police will not be called, but failure to clean up other incriminating evidence will lead to lower School Atmosphere and may trigger harsh consequences in later builds.

In the future, there may be other ways to dispose of corpses, such as:

  • Possibly chemical dissolution.
  • Possibly feeding them to wild animals behind the school.

NPC Reactions

Anybody who sees Yandere-chan dragging or carrying a corpse will immediately assume she murdered the victim. They will react more quickly if the School Atmosphere is low.[4]


Main Article: Senpai

If Senpai sees Yandere-chan dragging a corpse, he will be horrified, resulting in the "Heartbroken" Game Over. If he simply sees a corpse, he will run out of the school gates and call the police, like all other Loners.


Main Article: Loner

If a Loner sees a corpse, they will pause in shock for a few seconds, before running out of the school gates and calling the police.

Teacher's Pets

Main Article: Teacher's Pet
Teacher's pet

Hayato refusing to speak to Yandere-chan.

If a Teacher's Pet sees a corpse, they will pause in shock for several seconds, before running to their teacher to report what they saw.

If a teacher, led by a Teacher's Pet, finds the corpse where the Teacher's Pet saw it, she will call the police and stand guard over it until the police arrive, making it difficult for Yandere-chan to dispose of it. If a teacher sees Yandere-chan dragging a corpse, they will give chase. If Yandere-chan has upgraded her physical education enough, she will be able to fight back.


Main Article: Delinquents' Persona

If any delinquent sees the player holding a corpse, they will attack her and hit her with a weapon, putting Yandere-chan into a coma, an instant Game Over.



Shima Shita struggling with Yandere-chan. February 21st, 2016.

If a Heroic student sees a corpse, they will remain shocked for several seconds before running to Yandere-chan in an attempt to restrain her. If they succeed, she will get the "Apprehended" Game Over.


  • The corpses follow a rag doll animation, which will sometimes break and cause the corpses to stretch and glitch while they are being dragged. YandereDev is well aware of this problem and will not respond to any bug reports about them.
  • When picking up a corpse, sometimes the body will fail to sync with the player's arms, meaning that the body will continue to float in front of the player as if she was holding them.


  • Any student who is killed with a ritual knife will emit grey mist.
  • In the future, Yandere-chan may be able to report corpses to a teacher, but this will cause the day to end, so the player will miss any important events that take place during the rest of the school day.[5]
  • If money is implemented, the protagonist may earn cash from looting corpses.[6]
  • In the future, if a teacher discovers a corpse, there may be a PA announcement about their discovery.[7]