Sprite art for crushing, from "Yandere Simulator: Past, Present, and Future".

Crushing is an elimination method in Yandere Simulator.

On the scheme menu, the description is, "This scheme will end with your rival being crushed."

Cello Case

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In the future, the player will be able to drop a cello case off the rooftop to crush any student below.[1] The cello case will weigh 15 pounds, enough to kill someone from above.[2]


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If the player puts five dumbbells in a bucket, then they can dump them onto Kokona during her phone conversation, killing her. This requires a physical strength level of at least one.


The player may be able to crush a rival as well by getting the floor above the student to collapse on her.[3]


  • If a majority of rivals are "accidentally" crushed, Senpai will worry that he is cursed.[4]
  • Crushing using dumbbells was implemented in the June 15th, 2016 build.
  • In the future, the player will have to manipulate rivals into standing in a certain spot in order to be able to be crushed.