The delinquents. April 26th, 2018.

The delinquents are a group of students that currently stand near the incinerator.



The delinquents all have styled blond hair and scars on their faces. They wear the default male uniform but with the jacket open, revealing casual t-shirts underneath. They stand to the left just outside of the incinerator area.

Between the April 15th, 2017 and April 26, 2018 builds, if the Space Bar was rapidly pressed ten times in front of them, they wore Team Skull Grunt bandannas and performed the Team Skull Grunt dance animation.


The delinquents hang around to the left of the incinerator area outside of class time around a radio. If Yandere-chan walks near them, they will turn their heads to follow her movement and periodically call out at her. If a delinquent sees her carrying the cello case, their dialogue will change to mocking comments related to it.

If they witness the murder, or corpse of a bully, they will react like a Spiteful student.

Yandere-chan can sneak corpses past the delinquents either by hiding a dismembered body in the cello case, trashcan, or by pushing a student off the roof directly into the dumpster below.

They will not give Yandere-chan a reputation penalty if they see her bloody or insane but will instead comment on her state.

If Yandere-chan attempts to talk to them they will respond rudely, and will not be affected by seduction.

In the future, Yandere-chan will be able to join the delinquents if she has a reputation between -33 and -99.[1][2] Yandere-chan will be kicked out if her reputation becomes too high.[3] This means that if Yandere-chan fights the delinquents, they will not report her to the teachers because they don't respect authority.

If Yandere-chan becomes a delinquent, she will be able to intimidate students into doing a favor for her.[4]


The delinquents by the incinerator.


All delinquents have the Violent persona. If Yandere-chan walks too close to a delinquent with a weapon, they will ready their fighting stance, and if she comes any closer a combat minigame will begin. The player will have to press the three buttons that come up in succession once the game has begun, until either the delinquent, or Yandere-chan is too injured to fight. If the delinquents see Yandere-chan murder someone, or she is carrying a corpse, they will continue fighting her until she is knocked out, or until she kills them. If Yandere-chan bumps into a delinquent too many times, they will assume she wants to fight and take up a fighting stance.

If Yandere-chan defeats a delinquent in a fight, they will drop their weapon and leave to sit near the bench near the incinerator.

If Yandere-chan fights a delinquent near a teacher, Senpai, or a Student Council member, she will receive a Game Over. If she fights near regular students, she will receive a reputation penalty.


The delinquents will arrive to school last in a group, and will purposefully be late to class.[4]

At 7:20 AM, the group enters school grounds. They walk to their lockers at 7:30 AM and change from their outdoor shoes into their indoor shoes. At 7:40 AM, they walk to the incinerator.

At 1:00 PM, they walk back to the incinerator.

Between 3:30 PM and 4:00 PM, they go to the incinerator.


Originally all the delinquents, bar Osoro, were being bullied to the point of considering suicide. They joined Osoro after seeing her singlehandedly take on multiple delinquents from another school, who sought to humiliate her. They idolized Osoro for this feat, and began to imitate her after realizing that a fearsome reputation kept bullies away.

They eventually dyed their hair blond, carried blunt weapons, and began coming to class late. Other students soon dubbed them 'delinquents'.

Kocho Shuyona wants to expel them all, but Genka Kunahito requested to reform them, and has been given ten weeks to do so. If she fails, they will all be expelled, and Genka will be dismissed from the school.[5]


  • The all-male delinquents were added in the April 26th, 2018 Build, to balance out the male to female gender ratio.[6]
  • The male delinquents were voiced by Alejandro Saab.[7]
  • The previous delinquents may appear in 1980s Mode.[8]
  • YandereDev accidentally placed the screenshot of the female delinquents in the "Photographs" folder in January 1st, 2016 Build. They were later removed in the January 2nd, 2016 Build because they were not supposed to be in the game just yet.[9]
  • In the December 15th Progress Update, YandereDev showed a quick scene of Copper Streak holding a long, blunt item. This was the first time the delinquents were introduced.
  • If any NPC walks in front of a delinquent, the delinquents will not push them.
  • YandereDev states that the delinquents likely all have the same personalities, for story reasons.[10]
  • They dislike the Student Council members purely because they are authority figures.[11]
  • They hang out near the incinerator because students rarely go near there.[12]


Scram, punk!/Quit it!/Back off!/Too close!
— Shoving Yandere-chan if she comes too close.
I'll crack your skull open!/Wha?!/You got a death wish?!
— Assuming a fighting stance.
Huh?! Looking' for a fight?/I'm not in the mood for this./Oh, you wanna go?! Let's go!/Bring it on, girl!
— When starting a fight with Yandere-chan.
I'm not in top form today.../Seriously?! Forget this, I'm outta here.../I got better things to do, anyway.../You just got lucky, that's all.../Next time, it won't be so easy...
— When defeated in the combat mini-game.
What's your problem?/What a weirdo.../You look like a damn fool./The hell is wrong with you? Freak.../Are you lookin' for trouble?
— Seeing Yandere-chan bloody or visibly insane.
Get her!/You can do it!/Go, go!/Put her down!/You got this!/Yeah-ha-ha!
— Egging on one of their members, when they are fighting Yandere-chan.
You just gonna stand there?/Well? You gonna make a move, or what?/All talk and no action.
— Taunting Yandere-chan.
Learned your lesson? Then get outta here./I'm letting you off with a warning this time, loser./That'll teach you to go around picking fights./You done? Good. Don't screw with me again./Don't. Try that. Again. Got it?
— Letting Yandere-chan go after she loses the combat mini-game.
Next time, it won't be so easy.../What?/Go away./Don't make me hurt you.
— A delinquent sulking after being beaten by Yandere-chan.
You psychopath! You won't get away with this!/I won't be your next victim!/What have you done?! You lunatic!/I'm not going down without a fight!
— After seeing Yandere-chan killing someone or carrying a corpse.
I've still got...some fight left!/It'll take...more than that!/I'm not going down...that easily!/Oh, I'm gonna make you pay for that one!/Where do you think you're goin', huh?! We're not done!/You think I'll just let you walk away after that?!/Nice try...but it takes more than that to keep me down!/I'm not going down without a fight!/ I won't be your next victim!/I won't go down that easy!
— Continuing to fight Yandere-chan after they have seen her kill someone, or carrying a corpse.
I don't care about what you think.
— After Yandere-chan attempts to compliment them.
I ain't going nowhere.
— If Yandere-chan asks them to go away.
Do it yourself.
— If Yandere-chan asks them to distract a student.
Tell someone who cares.
— After Yandere-chan attempts to gossip with them.
Pff, whatever.
— After Yandere-chan exits the conversation.
I don't give a damn. Get lost.
— After Yandere-chan attempts to apologize to them.
Why would I do that? Scram.
— After Yandere-chan asks them to follow her.
Heh heh... good riddance. They deserved it./This ain't a good place to be right now.../I ain't gonna shed any tears for her./It ain't safe to stick around./Heh heh... world's a much better place now.
— After seeing the corpse of a bully.
What the hell?! What's going on?!/Screw this, I'm outta here!
— After seeing a corpse.
What? No... damn it! Who did this...?!/Whoever did this is gonna pay!
— After seeing the corpse of another delinquent.
Get that garbage out of my face.
— After Yandere-chan offers them octo-dogs.
What's with the case?/On your way to a concert?/Pff. Nice case, loser./You picked the lamest instrument./Is it expensive? Would you cry if I broke it? Heh.
— Seeing Yandere-chan with a cello case.
Hahahaha, stay down.
— Knocking Yandere-chan out.




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