2-10-2017 Incinerator area

The delinquents. February 10th, 2017.

The delinquents are a group of students that currently stand near the incinerator. Like Rival-chan, they are not fully implemented and cannot be recognized by Info-chan.


3/2/16 Male Delinquents

The male delinquents. March 2nd, 2016.


The female delinquents. March 16th, 2016.


Mar162016 DelinquentStares

Female delinquents looking at Yandere-chan.

The male delinquents all have black pompadours with small individual variations. They all have dark grey eyes, and currently wear the default male uniform, regardless of customization. They stand to the left just outside of the incinerator area.

The female delinquents have various hairstyles in different shades of brown, with colorful highlights that match their eyes. They all currently wear the default female uniform, regardless of customization. They also wear surgical masks with different symbols on them. They stand to the right just outside of the incinerator area.

YandereDev states that the female delinquents likely drew on their own masks.[1]

As of the April 15th, 2017 Build, if the Spacebar is pressed ten times in front of them, they will wear Team Skull Grunt bandanas and perform the Team Skull Grunt dance animation.



Twelve minutes and twenty one seconds until the delinquents spawn. March 3rd, 2016.

The delinquents hang around the incinerator during certain times of day. If Yandere-chan walks near them, they will turn their heads to follow her movement and periodically call out at her. If she walks too close to a delinquent, they will shove her away. If a delinquent sees her carrying the cello case, their dialogue will change to mocking comments related to it.

They will not react differently to the player if she is bloody or visibly insane.

If a delinquent sees Yandere-chan carrying a suspicious weapon or a bloody weapon, they will ready their own weapons in order to defend themselves. If she puts away her weapon, they will return to their normal positions, but will call Yandere-chan a coward. If Yandere-chan approaches a delinquent while carrying a corpse, tries to attack one, or holds a weapon near them for too long, they will chase after her. It is not possible to escape a delinquent, as they can run much faster than Yandere-chan. Once they catch up to her, they will strike her in the head with their weapons, rendering Yandere-chan comatose.

Yandere-chan can sneak corpses past the delinquents either by hiding a dismembered body in the cello case or trashcan or by pushing a student off the roof and directly into the dumpster below.

Currently, the delinquents spawn by the outside of the incinerator at 7:15 AM. They disappear at 8:30 AM and return at 1:15 PM. They disappear again at 1:30 PM, this time for the rest of the day. There is a timer on the right side of the wall that counts down when the delinquents will spawn or despawn.

In the future, Yandere-chan will be able to join the delinquents if she has a reputation between -33 and -99[2] and she will be able to befriend each one.[3] Yandere-chan will be kicked out if her reputation is too high. If Yandere-chan fights a delinquent and wins in the future, the delinquents will respect her and not pick fights with her again.[4] This means that if Yandere-chan fights the delinquents, they will not report her to the teachers because they don't respect authority.

In the future, if Yandere-chan defeats a delinquent in a fight, she will be able to obtain their weapon.[5]


  • If Yandere-chan travels to the Demonic Dimension as a delinquent is chasing her, the delinquent will hit the player, but the player will not become comatose and will still be able to move around. The delinquent that hit her will attempt to continue chasing the player, but they cannot hit Yandere-chan any more. Music will stop playing, and if Yandere-chan walks around the camera will behave strangely.
  • If the player is comatose, they will continue to speak as if Yandere-chan was standing around them in the background.
  • Under specific circumstances, if delinquents see the player carrying a dead body, and do not chase her, they will react if Yandere-chan had a dangerous weapon and kept putting it away and taking it out again.
  • If the player approaches a delinquent from behind and gets pushed back, the delinquent will turn back around to their original stance but their head will not return, resulting in the head turning 180 degrees.
  • If a murder-suicide takes place next to the delinquents and Yandere-chan goes close enough to them, they will react the same way as if Yandere-chan was carrying a corpse and start chasing after her.
  • Delinquents run after Yandere-chan in a straight line, ignoring walls, floors, and objects. If the player runs outside the school walls via glitching or Easter Eggs, the delinquents will be able to run outside the walls too and continue chasing after the player.
  • If Yandere-chan runs behind or into a corner where the delinquents are, she will still be in their pushing hitbox and cannot escape as any movement will get her pushed back into the same spot.


  • The male delinquents were voiced by Alejandro Saab[6].
  • The delinquents cannot be killed by any Easter Eggs. Any punching Easter Eggs will result in the player being pushed back for being too close.
  • The delinquents will chase Yandere-chan, but they are not as fast as the teachers. They still are fast enough to catch and attack the player.
  • YandereDev accidentally placed the screenshot of the female delinquents in the "Photographs" folder in January 1st, 2016 Build. They were later removed in the January 2nd, 2016 Build because they were not supposed to be in the game just yet.[7]
    • In the leaked image, all the female delinquents had red eyes and wore long skirts. The player can wear the long skirts shown in the image by pressing V in the Easter Egg menu.
      • The female delinquents were originally going to wear the long skirts, but there were problems with the character models.[8]
      • As of the March 3rd, 2016 Build, activating Long Skirt Mode will cause the female delinquents to have slightly deformed long skirts.
  • In the December 15th Progress Update, YandereDev showed a quick scene of Copper Streak holding a long, blunt item. This was the first time the delinquents were introduced.
  • If any NPC walks in front of a delinquent, the delinquents will not push them.
  • The delinquents keep their identities hidden so that it is harder to link them to their crimes.[9]
  • YandereDev states that the delinquents likely all have the same personalities, for story reasons.[10]
  • YandereDev plans to make the delinquents an all-male group.[11]
  • Pressing Y in the debug menu while the delinquents are present will despawn them and pressing it again will spawn them.
  • They dislike the Student Council members purely because they are authority figures.[12]


Who do you think you are?/Are you looking for trouble?/I'm not in the mood for this./Does this look like a club to you? Beat it./What do you want, loser?/Scram, loser./Don't make me hurt you./Run along. You're not welcome here./What?/What's with you?
— After seeing Yandere-chan.
Back off!/Scram!/Too close!/Quit it!/Get away!
— While pushing Yandere-chan away.
— After seeing Yandere-chan holding a weapon.
Don't even think about it!/Run home to mommy before you get hurt./I'm gonna crack your skull open!/You wanna fight?/You must have a death wish./Try it, I dare you!
— While watching Yandere-chan hold a weapon.
Don't you know I eat girls like you for breakfast?
— Female delinquent specific quote while watching Yandere-chan hold a weapon.
Yeah, that's what I thought. Coward./All talk and no action, huh./Hahahaha... I knew you didn't have the guts.
— After seeing Yandere-chan put away a weapon.
Ahaha. What's with the case?/Hey, maestro...on your way to a concert?/Nice case, loser./You know you picked the lamest instrument, right?/Ooh, is it expensive? Would you cry if I broke it? Heh heh heh ha ha.
— After seeing Yandere-chan carry the cello case.
She's coming for us next!/We won't go down that easy!/I'm not going down without a fight./If I'm going to hell, you're coming with me.
— Witnessing the player carrying a corpse.


  • If the player prays to Mr. Jazzy Feet, the female delinquents will have white outfits.




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