The delinquents' persona is one of many personas in Yandere Simulator. It currently has no known official name.



The male delinquents readying their weapons. March 3rd, 2016.


Copper Streak renders Yandere-chan comatose. March 3rd, 2016.

All delinquents have this persona. If they see the player carrying a suspicous weapon or a bloody weapon, they will prepare their own weapons in response. If Yandere-chan puts away her weapon, they will return to their normal positions, but will call Yandere-chan a coward for backing down. If the player approaches a delinquent and tries to attack one, they will retaliate violently via a blow to the head, causing Yandere-chan to be rendered comatose.

If they spot Yandere-chan carrying a limb or dragging a corpse, they will chase after her. If they catch up to her and hit her, it will cause a game over as well.




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