Demonic Ritual - Yandere Simulator Easter Egg

Demonic Ritual - Yandere Simulator Easter Egg


The dark void containing the three demons.

The Demonic Ritual is a process where Yandere-chan can summon various demons.

In order to start the ritual, Yandere-chan must obtain a ritual knife located on the Occult Club altar, inside of the skull. She must then kill a student with it and then put it back in the altar, this will transport her to a dark void known as the Demon Realm, where five demons stand in an arc. She can commune with each of them. They will repeat the same dialogue when spoken to again.

The player's HUD does not appear while Yandere-chan is in the void. Time will also not pass until she leaves.

There is a white portal behind Yandere-chan, which returns her back to the Occult Club at any time.

Lust Demon

Main Article: Lust Demon

The Lust Demon floats at the right side of the circle of light. She has a soft and flirty voice with magenta text. She has a monochrome color scheme with black eyes. She has long black hair. Her body is barely covered by lacy clothing and grey jewels covering her nipples. She has small black bat wings coming out of the side of her head and a black devil-like tail with a grey heart-shaped tip.

Ara ara! You're a cute little thing! Do you want to play with me? Or...perhaps you want to become one of us? Fufufu...I'm afraid it's too soon for you, young one... Good things come to those who wait...just be patient... I'll look forward to the day when we can play together...
— The conversation with the Lust Demon.

Empty Demon

Main Article: Empty Demon

The Empty Demon is completely greyscale with a lack of color, save for being shades of grey. She wears the default uniform. Darker grey "hair" hides pearly white teeth and red spider-like eyes.

...we are one... ...we are many... ...we are everywhere... ...we are nowhere... ...we will return.
— The conversation with the Empty Demon.

Death Demon

Main Article: Death Demon

The Death Demon appears to be some sort of creature with a human body. He has horns on various areas of his body, which is completely black with a white outline.

Ahh...We meet at last. I am.. quite familiar with your work.You have been... "feeding" me well. You know... I was supposed to make my "debut" before you did. You have caused a.. delay. No matter.In time, all will become acquainted to me. I will look forward to seeing how you choose to overcome your hardships in the future.
— The conversation with the Death Demon.

Pain Demon

Main Article: Pain Demon

The Pain Demon stands between the other two demons, directly in front of Yandere-chan when she enters the area. He resembles a bald humanoid with pale skin. His eyes are black with his jaw stretched widely. His arms are small stubs and his legs are crouching down. He speaks in a scratchy voice with shaking white text.

...was crime... ...found guilty...given punishment... ...arms removed...body contorted... need justice...need revenge... ...descendents must feel...what I felt...
— The conversation with the Pain Demon.

Flame Demon

Main Article: Flame Demon

The Flame Demon stands at the left side of the circle of light. He is a humanoid wearing Male Uniform 2. His head is a large white flame and he holds two white flames in his outstretched hands. He speaks in a slow, deep voice with red text.

A mortal? Here? How curious. Do you wish to borrow my power? Ha ha ha. You are not worthy. Return when you have proven that you can wield my power.
— The conversation with The Flame Demon as of the February 21st, 2016 Build.
Are you interested in me? What a pity. I am not interested in you at all. You are boring. You are not worthy of my time.
— The original conversation with the Flame.

The Flame Demon's Ritual

To perform the Flame Demon's Ritual, Yandere-chan must obtain the ritual knife from the Occult Club and heat it up with the blowtorches in the Science Club. Then, she must place the ritual knife back in the skull, until it starts to glow in flames. From this point, any student stabbed with the ritual knife will be set on fire. To finish the ritual, Yandere-chan must kill five students and place them in the summoning circle. The screen will then turn black, with shaking red text reading, "You have proven your worth. Very well. I shall lend you my power".

After that, two flame orbs will appear floating on Yandere-chan's hands, her pupils will turn white and she will begin to levitate in a long grey dress. By tapping the left CTRL button, flames will shoot out of Yandere-chan's hands, setting fire to any NPC in her path, excluding NPCs without AI and Senpai.

The Pain Demon's Ritual

To perform the Pain Demon's Ritual, Yandere-chan must kill five NPCs with the ritual knife, dismember the dead NPCs, and then drop their arms inside of the ring of candles in the Occult clubroom. The screen will then go black, with shaking white words that say, " last..."

After that, ten bloody, white hands will rise from the ground around Yandere-chan, as she loses her pupils and starts to levitate. The hands will stay in a circle around Yandere-chan, and she will be able to fly in any direction. Any NPC with full AI who is not Senpai that comes into contact with the hands will immediately be dismembered, giving a strangled cry of pain.


  • When Titan Mode is activated and a student gets dismembered by the demon hands, their body parts will return to their normal size, but their hair will retain their large size.
  • If Yandere-chan trips while holding a bucket, she will stand and walk normally afterwards.


  • The ritual was implemented in the February 21st, 2016 Build.
  • In the past, pulling out the phone in the dark void to take pictures would result in a blurry screen. Taking photos showed the area behind Yandere-chan as seen from the ground, as if she had dropped her phone before they were taken. If the player tried to enter Cinematic Camera Mode, the camera would go halfway through the floor, preventing it from being used. In the second version of the February 21st, 2016 Build, the player could not use their phone in the void at all. As of the March 2nd, 2016 Build, the camera functions as normal.
  • There used to be a debug command, D, that would spawn many severed arms inside the Occult Room. Pressing it twice would activate the Pain's ritual. It has been removed as of the second version of the February 21st, 2016 Build.
  • The player cannot travel to the void once they have activated the Pain Demon's ritual. If they have the knife, the option to insert it into the skull will not appear.
  • If a student or teacher notices a corpse while Yandere-chan is teleporting to the void, their suspicion markers and voices can still be seen. If Yandere-chan teleports before the teacher apprehends her, the teacher will run in a circle in front of the altar. When they get back, the teacher will immediately pin the player down.
  • YandereDev claims that the build that the Demonic Ritual was included in was a completely normal and average, mundane build, hinting that there was something darker beneath the surface.[1]
  • The Pain Demon and the white hands are a reference to Dead Hand from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.[2]
  • The Pain Demon was the last demon to get voiced lines, the first being The Lust Demon and the second being The Flame Demon.
  • As the demons are not canon, in the final game, YandereDev would like them to only be available through a cheat code or by the player following a number of convoluted steps.[3]



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