Holding a dumbbell. June 15th, 2016.

A dumbbell is a weapon that can be used to eliminate students in Yandere Simulator.


The dumbbells are found where the Sports Club gathers. There are five of them available. The object is seen as suspicious and cannot be concealed. If a student notices Yandere-chan holding a dumbbell, they will give her a reputation penalty of ten points (if the School Atmosphere is high). If the player joins the Sports Club, they will not be seen as suspicious when carrying it. The player can put five of them in a bucket. They can then dump the bucket off the rooftop, crushing whoever is underneath, although it can miss.

Dumbbell Animations

There are 4 killing animations for the dumbbell, depending on Yandere-chan's level of sanity.

  • High Sanity: Yandere-chan will step forward and hit the victim on the head with the dumbbell.
  • Medium Sanity: Yandere-chan will knock the victim down on their knee and hit them on the head.
  • Low Sanity: Yandere-chan will knock the victim down on their knee, hit them in the head and whack them repeatedly.
  • Stealth Kill: Yandere-chan will put the dumbbell in front of the victim's neck and break their neck.


What are you carrying that dumbbell around for? You aren't in the Sports Club...
— A student seeing Yandere-chan holding a dumbbell while not in the Sports Club.


  • Dumbbells were implemented in the June 15th, 2016 Build.
  • Prior to the November 16th, 2016 Build, there wasn't a spoken reaction from students if Yandere-chan was seen carrying the dumbbell while not in the Sports Club.
  • The dumbbell's killing animations are the same as the axe, baseball bat, the magical girl wand, and the shovel.