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Sprite art for Electrocution from "Yandere Simulator: Past, Present, and Future".

Electrocution is a way to eliminate students in Yandere Simulator which will not leave any evidence towards the player.

On the Schemes menu, the description is: "This scheme will end with your rival being electrified."

How To Electrocute

Currently, electrocution can only be performed on Kokona Haruka, as her routine has her go to the second floor bathroom at 7:30 AM on Wednesday.

There is a limited time to electrocute Kokona Haruka. While or before Kokona is inside the bathroom stall, Yandere-chan must unscrew the light switch with the screwdriver from the Science Club and fill up a bucket with water, blood, or gasoline. While Kokona is using the toilet, Yandere-chan must then turn off the lights and pour the bucket of liquid on Kokona. If Kokona leaves the bathroom stall before Yandere-chan has completed the process, then Yandere-chan will not be able to trigger the following reaction. If a liquid is spilled on Kokona first, then Yandere-chan may not have enough time to turn the lights off.

If the process is completed on time, Kokona will exclaim that she is wet in an annoyed manner and step, with her hands outstretched in disgust, out of the bathroom stall. She will then begin to feel for the light switch in the dark and proceed to turn the lights back on. However, because her still-wet left hand is on the metal faucet, an electric current will course from her right hand through her body, killing her with a startled scream. If the light switch is not unscrewed, Kokona will simply turn on the lights, then rush to the Shower Room to change.

An Electrocuted Corpse

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As there is no open wound on the corpse, it will not leak blood and all Yandere-chan must do to ensure a clean getaway is to dispose of it. The player can also hide it in a bathroom stall in order to go to class without a teacher finding the corpse. Even if the corpse is dripping wet with blood, it will not trail bloody puddles. If the player does not dispose of the smoking body, the School Atmosphere will decrease by ten points.

If the police arrive at school before the body is disposed of, they will know that the student was electrocuted and will treat her death as a murder. They will then try to search for any corpses or weapons on school grounds. If no other corpses or weapons are found, they will leave since they do not have enough evidence to perform an arrest. If weapons and corpses are found, the game will treat the other deaths as homicide cases and will begin to look for evidence for the deaths, along with the electrocuted corpse.


The police finding an electrocuted corpse.


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A WIP gif of electrocution, shown in "E-Mails, Volunteers, and Progress - Part 2".

  • Electrocution was added in the August 12th, 2015 Build.
  • The screwdriver will not count as a murder weapon if used to electrocute, so no fingerprints will be traced to Yandere-chan. If the player wears gloves while electrocuting, the player cannot throw them away.
  • Kokona's skeleton is seen briefly while being electrocuted. The female skeleton model can also be seen by activating Spooky Mode.
  • If a majority of rivals are "accidentally" electrocuted, Senpai will worry that he is cursed.[1]
  • If Yandere-chan pours blood or gasoline instead of water on Kokona, she will still die the same way, but with different voiced lines.
  • This is YandereDev's favorite elimination method.[2]
  • It has not been confirmed nor denied if the player will be able to electrocute a student in the Shower Room.[3]