Holding Energy Sword

Holding the Energy Sword. July 12th, 2016.

The Energy Sword is an Easter Egg weapon in Yandere Simulator.


When Cyborg Mode is activated, this sword will spawn in front of the school gates in a flash of lightning. The player can wield it with two hands to dismember any students in their way.

The Energy Sword cannot be concealed in the player's inventory and is seen as suspicious. If any student sees the player hold the weapon, their reputation will be damaged by ten points (if School Atmosphere is high).

The player cannot use an Energy Sword when fighting a Heroic student and will automatically lose, as the weapon is too unwieldy to use in close quarters.

The player can put an Energy Sword inside a cello case or a trash can in order to conceal it.

Energy Sword Animations

There are 4 killing animations for the Energy Sword depending on Yandere-chan's level of sanity.

  • High Sanity: A diagonal slash through the student's stomach.
  • Medium Sanity: Two diagonal slashes through the student's stomach.
  • Low Sanity: The player knocks the student down to the ground and repeatedly stabs them from above.
  • Stealth Kill: The player covers the student's mouth as they stab them from behind.



  • If the player puts the sword into the trash can, the sword will glitch out of the bottom of the trash can.