Enlightenment is a mysterious perk that is gained by reading the manga called Life Note, or playing the game labeled "Boost ?????" in the Computer Lab.


The player is able to increase their Enlightenment level by reading Life Note, which can be found across the rooftop, then later put in her bedroom at night. When Yandere-chan reads the manga at night, she arrives at school one hour late, at 8:00 AM. While she is sacrificing school time, she is still developing her Enlightenment level.

Yandere-chan can also play a "?????" game when in the Gaming Club to temporarily raise her Enlightenment stat for one day.

Enlightenment has no practical functionality or any effect on gameplay currently. It is connected to a game that YandereDev started developing several years ago before he started working on Yandere Simulator. As soon as Yandere Simulator is completed, he will start working on that game. In the future, collecting and reading the Life Note manga will lead to an Easter Egg that will allow the player to learn more about the game after Yandere Simulator is completed.[1]

Enlightenment Level

Level 0 (Asleep)

It is a mystery.

Level 1 (Awoken)

It is a mystery.

Level 2 (Mindful)

It is a mystery.

Level 3 (Informed)

It is a mystery.

Level 4 (Eyes Open)

It is a mystery.

Level 5 (Omniscient)

It is a mystery.


  • Enlightenment was implemented in the January 1st, 2016 Build.
  • As of the April 15th, 2016 Build, there is a stats menu where the player can look at their current Enlightenment level.