The Headmaster's Tapes are a series of tapes that will elaborate on the headmaster and the lore of Akademi High School.[1]

None of the tapes have been implemented yet, so not much is known about them. When implemented, they will be able to be played in the Computer Lab.

They will explain the connection between Akademi and Saikou Corp,[2] and the Headmaster's attempts to fix Akademi's dropping enrollment rates.[3]


  • One tape will explain why there is a katana on school grounds.[4]
  • Megami's mother will be mentioned in the earliest tapes.[5]
  • YandereDev thinks that the tapes will explain why Muja Kina was hired despite her lack of self-defense training.[6]
  • YandereDev has stated that the headmaster may not notice that his tapes are missing until the end of the game.[7]