Yandere-chan concealing herself. March 31st, 2016.

Hiding is a way for Yandere-chan to conceal herself from other NPCs.


If the player gets close enough to a hiding area, the option "Hide" will appear. Once pressed, Yandere-chan will conceal herself in the hiding spot and remain there unless commanded to leave. No students are able to see her when she is hiding.

Hiding Areas


  • If the player hides from a teacher who is chasing them, the teacher will run in circles around the area, but cannot get to the player unless they come out.
  • A corpse can be carried at the same time as when the player is hiding, which will cause the corpse to clip through the walls and table. If any teacher sees the corpse after the player comes out of the hiding spot, they will treat the corpse as a deceased student on the ground instead of chasing the player.