Student Info
Role Information Broker
Class Unknown
Club Info (since 3/15/2016)

????? (According to student profile) Newspaper (Original intro)

Age 17[1]
Persona Evil[2]

????? (According to student profile)

Crush None
Strength Capable of Defence[3]

????? (According to student profile)

Appears Week 0
Voice Cayla Martin[4]
Trying to look up my information? Don't bother. There is nothing that you need to know about me. You're a client, and I'm a provider. That's all we need to know about each other.
— The additional info in Info-chan's Student Profile.

Info-chan is a main character in Yandere Simulator who currently attends Akademi High School. She is Yandere-chan's main source of help and information, performing several tasks such as introducing rivals to Yandere-chan. She also provides Yandere-chan with items and scheme walkthroughs in exchange for panty shots.[5] Info-chan was originally going to be the main antagonist of Story Mode and would have ended up being Yandere-chan's final rival, but this idea was discontinued.[6] According to YandereDev, explaining why this change was made would be a spoiler.[7] As of now, her motivations and ultimate goals are currently unknown. They are stated to be a plot twist that will be important to the game's story in the future.[8]

In the full game, Yandere-chan will not be able to interact with her outside of text messages,[9] unlike a regular student.[10] It is possible that the player may catch glimpses of Info-chan in the future.[11] According to YandereDev, Info-chan's real name is not important enough to be released, and her name does not have any role or importance to the game, so it will most likely stay a mystery.[12]


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"A 1v1 blade fight on the rooftop in the rain during a thunderstorm? No, way too corny to consider..."[13]

First Intro

In this intro, she gets Yandere-chan to meet her in person in a classroom, where she states that she is president of the school's Newspaper Club and needs interesting things to happen at Akademi High School, like mass murders, so that she can write more attention-grabbing articles for the school's currently failing student newspaper. She encourages a somewhat reluctant Yandere-chan to stir up some violent trouble and to take panty shots.

Second Intro

In this intro, Info-chan contacts Yandere-chan in a text message, telling her she's seen her stalking her Senpai and proposes her help. She doesn't reveal too much about herself, and she does not give a clear reason for helping Yandere-chan out. She just tells Yandere-chan that she would be happy if something bad happened to Osana Najimi, a girl who made an appearance in the first intro as Senpai's tsundere childhood friend and is the first rival of the game. Info-chan wants Yandere-chan to make Osana suffer, though her reasons for this are not stated. In contrast to the first intro, where Yandere-chan shows great reluctance to committing violent and sadistic deeds, Yandere-chan's morals are twisted enough by her obsessive love for Senpai that it is easy for Info-chan to persuade her to eliminate her first rival.


Info Chan look

Yandere-chan as an Info-chan lookalike.

In the first opening of the game, Info-chan wore the default female school uniform. She had short dark red hair and eyes, and open top glasses with dark red frames. Her skin was slightly tanned. She had a mischievous expression on her face with half-closed eyes and a teeth-baring grin. The original plan was for Info-chan to have the Honoka Futaba model, but since she has her own unique hairstyle, the model was not used.

As of the October 8th, 2015 Build, Info-chan's appearance has changed. Her hair is now longer and spikier, with an ahoge on top. She has a protruding strand of hair on the right side with parted bangs. If the player tries to look at her Student Profile, they are able to see her red glasses and hair, but everything else is a black silhouette. There are Easter Eggs and in-game customization options that can give Yandere-chan Info-chan's glasses and hairstyle.

As of the March 15th, 2016 Build, the player can see Info-chan in person by peeking through the curtain of the Info Club room. She wears the default female school uniform, regardless of customization.


"'Info-chan' is the nickname given to an information broker who specializes in collecting and selling dark secrets.

Nobody knows her real name. Nobody knows what her face looks like. Nobody knows how she gathers her information. Nobody knows how she has gained such a dangerous amount of power and influence over such a short span of time. Some people don't even believe she really exists.

What people DO know is that, if you want a favor from her, all you need to do is text her a photograph of a girl's panties...and if she wants a favor from YOU, you'd better do exactly as she asks...or else."[14]


In the current game, not much is known about Info-chan so far, except that she has a reputation for selling dark secrets and panty shots, and wants Osana to suffer. It can be inferred that she is a mischievous character and given her willingness to incite murder, voyeurism, gossip, and bullying, and her apparent indifference to the effects of her actions on others, she likely has low moral standards. She has the persona of "Evil," which would mean, as an NPC, she would encourage crime.

In both intros, Info-chan is shown to be uncaring towards other people. She doesn't feel guilt or remorse when harming others for her own personal gain.[15] She also tends to be very persistent in her goals. Info-chan is extremely intelligent and resourceful, being able to probably learn anything if she really wanted.[16] She also is very crafty and hard-working, gathering information through unknown ways on her computer all day long.

In the first intro, Info-chan seems outwardly confident and very curious, as finding out secrets about other students is a hobby of hers, not just a job. She's very ambitious, as she wants her newspaper to become popular badly enough that she goes to the trouble of asking Yandere-chan to stir up turmoil. Info-chan seemed dedicated to her work and apparently poured her heart and soul into running the school newspaper. Her desire for Yandere-chan to not kill off the entire school wasn't out of sympathy or humanity, but due to the fact that the newspaper would die if no one was alive to read it.

In the second intro, she specifically wants Osana to get hurt in some awful way, but the reason for it is currently unknown. She's willing to set Yandere-chan, someone who is clearly unstable, against a rival who has a crush on Senpai.


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Info-chan used to be a part of the Newspaper Club in the first intro, but YandereDev later discarded this idea (and the club as well). She is now the one and only member of the Info Club and sits in a dark room working on her computer all day long. That club is exempt from school rules, because, according to Headmaster's Tapes 10, she blackmailed Kocho Shuyona into giving her the room and all of the necessary equipment she needed. As a cover story for all the other staff, Kocho told them that she has severe agoraphobia so she can't be disturbed, lest she has an anxiety attack.

Panty Shot Favors

Main Article: Panty Shots

The Panty Shot Favor Menu. February 17th, 2016.

In the original intro, Info-chan claims that she only takes payment in the form of panty shots. She wants panty shots, as the boys (and some of the girls) will pay her for them; it's her currency. In the second intro, when Yandere-chan describes her as a girl who "...blackmails girls and sells panty shots to boys," Info-chan says that the rumors are true and tells Yandere-chan that in exchange for her assistance in yandere activities, Yandere-chan can always text Info-chan a panty shot.

If Yandere-chan takes pictures of girls' panties with her phone, she will have the option to send them to Info-chan. Panty shots can be used to acquire Panty Shot Favors.

Currently, Info-chan will only accept one panty shot per student, and if Yandere-chan sends her a repetitive panty shot, Info-chan will decline the photo. In the future, it's possible that Yandere-chan will be able to take another panty shot of a girl if the girl in question is wearing different panties.[17]


Info-chan providing Yandere-chan with footage of Kokona's dark secret.

Note: While panty shots can be sent to Info-chan, most of the favors that Yandere-chan can access with these panty shots are not yet implemented.

To access the favor menu, the player must enter the pause menu (accessed through the enter key) and select "Favors".

The only favor that the player can currently use is the "Provide Dark Secret" favor. This can be used to get juicy gossip and rumors about rivals.

Some favors cost more than others. Each panty shot gives one credit towards unlocking favors. They range from damaging a rival's reputation, improving Yandere-chan's reputation, providing blackmail against another student, sending a student home, delaying the police, providing a spare uniform, providing blackmail against a rival, or even providing weapons to Yandere-chan.


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The schemes menu.

As of the April 1st, 2016 Build, the player can give panty shots to Info-chan in order for certain elimination methods to be more easily accessible. The only ones available as of May 1st, 2016 are Expose Dirty Secret, Frame For Theft, Frame For Smoking, Frame For Panty Shots, and Frame For Cheating. Successfully completing all of these schemes will get the current rival expelled.


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Drops on the "Favors" menu. May 1st, 2016.

As of the April 1st, 2016 Build, the player can give panty shots to Info-chan in order to obtain specific items, used for various things, such as eliminating rivals. Info-chan drops the items from the Info Club room window. Currently, only a few items are available.

Student Information

Gema Profile

August 18th, 2018.

If Yandere-chan sends Info-chan a picture of another person in the school, Info-chan will give her information about them - what their name is, what club they're in, their persona, who their crushes are, their self-defense, and any additional information.

This can be useful for several different things - determining if they like Senpai, knowing how they'll react to murder, and making sure to not be seen by them while holding their club-specific items. Info-chan will not recognize certain NPCs as they do not have a complete AI.

As of the September 18th, 2015 Build, if Yandere-chan tries to look for Info-chan's information, her phone will show static and Info-chan will tell her to not bother looking her up. Because of this, it is unknown what her crush and club are.



Main Article: Yandere-chan

Info-chan and Yandere-chan seem to be allies, though Yandere-chan never has to kill anybody to boost her newspaper in the first opening, make Osana suffer in the second opening, or take panty shots in both intros. In fact, Yandere-chan can indeed ignore Info-chan.

Yandere-chan and Info-chan have a purely client/provider relationship [18][19] In the second intro, Info-chan sees Yandere-chan as just a stalker who could help her get rid of Osana, while Yandere-chan thinks that Info-chan is disgusting. In both intros, it seems that one of them might see their reasons for doing what they're doing as justified, while the other person is just insane. Either way, they'll still probably end up helping each other in the end. Info-chan's attitude towards or beliefs about Yandere-chan may be affected by the player's actions [20] It is also possible for Yandere-chan to use Info-chan for basic info on students and to identify rivals without ever giving her any panty shots, meaning that Info-chan may be simply used by Yandere-chan without anything in return, except maybe making Osana suffer.

It would be a spoiler to say what would happen if all rivals were eliminated non-lethally and the player never helped out Info-chan by taking panty shots.[21] YandereDev wants it to influence some events near the end of the story.[22] YandereDev has also not revealed if Yandere-chan will officially meet Info-chan in real life in the future. Apparently, it will be a plot twist.[23]

Osana Najimi

Main Article: Osana Najimi

Info-chan doesn't really like or dislike Osana Najimi in the first intro. Info-chan just wanted more publicity for her newspaper, which just happened to involve Yandere-chan getting rid of Osana Najimi. In the second intro, Info-chan specifically has something against Osana. It's not stated why, but Info-chan wishes for Osana to suffer.

Info-chan will wish for Osana to suffer in the final game.[24]


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Info-chan does not care about Senpai's love life. She does know what's up with it, however; she knows who has a crush on him and rivals Yandere-chan for his affection.

She was originally planned to be the final rival and would have just used Yandere-chan to get rid of her other rivals so she'd be that much closer to having him all for herself, but this idea was discontinued.[6]

Midori Gurin

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Info-chan dislikes Midori. She cannot tolerate the inquisitive girl for more than a few seconds.[25]


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The alias "Info-chan" is extremely notorious around the school, and the whole school knows what Info-chan does, so her reputation is set at -999. Info-chan's true identity, however, has a neutral reputation. No one knows who she really is.[26]

Info-chan doesn't seem to care for the students' well-being. For both intros, panty shots, blackmail, and other invasions of privacy mean nothing to her. Info-chan does not seem to care if Yandere-chan kills her rivals. Info-chan is said to still help her out by sometimes introducing a rival to her. Sending pictures of corpses to Info-chan also doesn't faze her in the slightest.


Info-chan has criminal contacts[27] but her exact relationship with them is unknown.


  • Formerly, Info-chan was called Sidekick-chan.[28]
    • Her name was planned to be a double entendre meaning both “informant” and “traitor”. This is no longer planned.[29]
  • YandereDev loves programming Info-chan and what will be in store for her.[30]
  • Info-chan will sometimes introduce a rival in a conversation. [31]
  • She may keep a personal diary.[32]
  • When pressing the H button, one of the hairstyles will be Info-chan's. It will be red.
  • When YandereDev previously stated that Info-chan would not be seen at school, he considered her appearing in places that Yandere-chan couldn't access in the future like G-Man from the Half-Life series.[33]
  • Info-chan has many criminal contacts and many ways to obtain illegal things, but guns are the only things she can't obtain.[27]
  • As of January 14th, 2016, YandereDev's current plan does not include a rival that Info-chan will not help kill or torture.[34]
  • Druelbozo jokingly stated that Info-chan's real name is "Gary" in one of his streams at 00:58:00.[35]
  • Info-chan will most likely be the only character who is only known by aliases, keeping their true identity a secret.[36]
  • Info-chan is more of a 'gameplay mechanic' rather than a character, so murdering her would be like removing the run button in a game.[37] Kidnapping Info-chan will not be an option either.[38]
  • After the November 16th, 2016 Build, Info-chan no longer appeared in the Student Info menu, however, she was later re-added in the November 11th, 2017 Build.
  • She is far-sighted.[39]
  • Info-chan's parents have no idea what she's doing.[40]
  • YandereDev believes that Info-chan once tried to hack Saikou Corp but didn't make any progress.[41]
  • She would pay a lot of money for information on Shiromi Torayoshi.[42]
    • Despite this, she knows the Student Council members' secrets.[43]
  • Saikou knows she is more than a hacker but does not have plans to go further with her.[44]
  • She was 'becoming' her current self before she came to Akademi and as such has never attended as a "normal" student.[45]
  • She is likely asexual.[46]
  • She possibly has agents in other schools.[47]
  • The player may possibly see one of her parents.[48]
  • She would know if the Yakuza was active locally as she knows a lot about local organized crime.[49]
  • If she had to kill someone, she would probably get someone else to do it.[49]
  • Info-chan's mother possibly was also ”Info-chan” in her teenage years, but YandereDev said it's hard to answer without spoilers.[50]


So, history is repeating itself, huh? Time to test out a theory...
— Original cutscene.
I'm saying you should KILL her.
— Original cutscene.
Collecting information about the students enrolled at this school is my hobby. It earned me the nickname Info-chan.
— Original cutscene.
If there was a bit more drama going on at this school, I'd be able to write more interesting articles. If something tragic happens to Osana Najimi between now and Friday...
— Original cutscene.
I saw you stalking an upperclassman today.
No. I wanted to give you some information about the girl he was with.
Her name is Osana Najimi.
She has a crush on him.
She believes in the myth about the cherry tree behind the school.
She's planning to confess to him next Friday.
I would be happy if something bad happened to Osana-chan.
I think you might be the right person that gives her what she deserves.
I'm the person nicknamed "Info-chan" at school.
The rumors are true.
If you ever need a favor, text me a panty shot and I'll give you whatever support I can.
If you want to know personal information about anyone at our school, just send me a photograph of their face and I'll tell you everything I know about them.
You're a stalker.
If you want my help, text me. If you don't care, ignore me.
You have one week until your precious senpai belongs to Osana-chan. I hope you make her suffer.
— The second intro.
Do you want me to identify this person? Please get me a clear shot of their face.
— Info-chan occasionally says this when Yandere-chan takes an off-centered photo of someone's face.
Cute, but I have no use for this.
— When sent a picture of the kitten before December 16th, 2016 Build.
Why are you showing me this? I don't care.
— When sent a picture of the kitten.
Is this supposed to be a panty shot? My clients are picky. The panties need to be in the EXACT center of the shot.
— When given an off-centered panty shot.
Good work, but don't send me this stuff. I have no use for it.
— What Info-chan says when she is sent a picture of a corpse.
I know you're there. Run along now. There's nothing for you to see here.
— Info-chan in the Info Club.
What's the matter? What does your Senpai look like?
— Info-chan in "I Want My Senpai Back".
I don't need any pictures of your Senpai. / I know how you feel about this person, but I have no use for these pictures. / Okay, I get it, you love your Senpai, and you love taking pictures of your Senpai. I still don't need these shots. / You're spamming my inbox. Cut it out. / ...
— Info-chan's responses when Yandere-chan sends her photos of her Senpai.
What do you need?
— When the player opens the 'Favors' menu.
You don't have enough panty shots to afford this.
— When the player attempts to purchase a favor they can't afford.
I can't provide that service right now.
— Info-chan upon trying to purchase a favor that is unavailable.
Pleasure doing business with you.
— Info-chan upon purchasing a favor.
This one's free. Don't get used to it.
— Info-chan duplicating the answer sheet.
A high value target! (Character Name)’s panties were in high demand. I owe you a big favor for this one.
— When sent a picture of Mai’s, Nasu’s, a bully, or a Student Council member’s panties.
I'll tell my informants to spread some praise for you around school. Don't let their work go to waste.
— Buying the "Improve My Reputation" service.
I'll instruct my informants to badmouth the girl who has her eye on your senpai. Hopefully this will help you out.
— Buying the "Damage Rival Reputation" service.
I fed the police some false information. You have a few more minutes before they arrive at school.
— Buying the "Delay Police" service.
This student is about to receive a very alarming text. I guarantee you that they won't be in school much longer.
— Buying the “Send Student Home” service.
Get out!
— If the player glitches inside the Info Club.
— When the player starts Mission Mode.
Ready for a mission?
— When the player selects "Random Mission" in Mission Mode.
Feeling picky today, are we?
— When the player selects "Design Mission" in Mission Mode.
Looking for a certain mission?
— When the player selects "Load Mission" in Mission Mode.
Come back soon.
— When the player selects "Main Menu" in Mission Mode.
Good luck!
— When the player starts a mission in Mission Mode.
You didn't follow the client's instructions! The mission is a failure!
— When the player fails to meet an objective of a mission in Mission Mode.
One objective down!
— When the player kills the target in Mission Mode.
All objectives complete. Exfiltrate.
— When the player completes all of the objectives of a mission in Mission Mode.
Mission accomplished. Nice work!
— When the player leaves the school and completes a mission in Mission Mode.
Strange. I have no profile for this student.
— When sent a picture of Nemesis.
...wait. I think I know who she is.
— When sent a picture of Nemesis for the 2nd time.
You are in danger. Avoid her.
— When sent a picture of Nemesis for the 3rd time.
Do not engage.
— When sent a picture of Nemesis for the 4th time.
I repeat: Do. Not. Engage.
— When sent a picture of Nemesis for the 5th time.
Something about that student seems...wrong.
— When sent a picture of Nemesis disguised as a student.
How peculiar. I don't recognize these panties.
— When sent a picture of Nemesis' panties before the July 15th, 2017 build.
Wait...I recognize those panties! This person is extremely dangerous! Avoid her at all costs!
— When sent a picture of Nemesis' panties.
I don't know how you got in here, but get out of my chair.
— Hypothetical dialogue of Info-chan speaking to Shiromi.[48]
I have no interest in this.
— When sent a picture of a Bully talking to an other student.




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