Internt HUD

Internet HUD.

The Internet is a platform that Yandere-chan can interact with. She is able to spread rumors about others, such as rivals and other students. It will not be present in 1980s Mode.[1]

The Internet was partially implemented in the October 8th, 2015 Build and is accessible from the far-left corner of the room. It is only available at nighttime. When walking to the computer, a pink HUD pops up displaying "Internet". Sitting down will take Yandere-chan to the Akademi High School social media page.

Currently, only two comments are displayed, Midori Gurin asking a question about the school logo, and Taro Yamada asking how old the sakura trees are.

Writing Messages

Yandere-chan is only able to write messages if she stalks students and learns information about them. When choosing to type out a post, a message will pop up saying: "Today, I saw ____ in ____. She was ____." Yandere-chan is able to choose what these blanks say. She must have the student's picture in Student Info beforehand to talk about them.

The only message that Yandere-chan can used to affect a student so far is about Kokona Haruka. Yandere-chan must eavesdrop on Kokona's phone conversation to write the comment.

As of now, only a few female students will reply to messages Yandere-chan writes. The social media page will have to be revamped eventually, so that it draws from a pool of currently alive students.[2]

It's possible that Yandere-chan will be able to post believable lies in the final game, but YandereDev cannot promise that it will be added.[3]


Does anyone know how old the school's sakura trees are?
— Senpai.
What does the school's logo symbolize? Yes, I checked the FAQ this time.
— Midori Gurin.
Today, I saw Kokona Haruka in Shisuta Town. She was engaging in compensated dating.
— Yandere-chan's gossip about Kokona Haruka.
I thought I saw her with an older man in S(h)isuta town tonight, but I didn't think it was really her...
Yui Rio's response to Kokona's compensated dating..
I wasn't sure if I should say anything about it, but I saw her doing that last week, too...
Yuna Hina's response to Kokona's compensated dating..
Seriously? I didn't think there would be anyone like that at our school...
Koharu Hinata's response to Kokona's compensated dating.
Wow...that's pretty gross...I expected better from Kokona-chan...
Mei Mio's response to Kokona's compensated dating.'s not it...?...
Saki Miyu's response to Kokona's compensated dating.
Wow, lame. Don't post stupid lies on the internet.
— Saki Miyu's response to a fake rumor.


  • Deceased, kidnapped, or arrested students are able to comment on posts.


  • In the future, Yandere-chan may be able to use her computer to chat with the protagonist of the next game YandereDev was planning to make. Through the conversations, events of the next game he will develop could be foreshadowed.[4]
  • It's possible that, in the future, reputation can be increased by saying good things.[5]
  • There may be joke websites on the Internet just for fun, but it is a low priority to put in.[6]
  • Students' profile pictures are shown as their actual Student Info pictures on Yandere-chan's phone. In the future, students' social media avatars may be unique instead of a headshot, but this is low priority.[7]
  • Senpai's name will only be shown on the Student Info page and the Internet. At the moment, his name on the Internet is shown as "Taro Yamada". The name may change in the final game.[8]
  • Yandere-chan's placeholder name is shown as "Ayano Aishi", as seen when Yandere-chan posts messages. "Aishi" is now canon, but "Ayano" is still temporary.[9]
  • 3,528 people like the page and 3,757 have been to the school. The school has a rating of 4.6 stars. In the future, the Facebook page may get negative comments/reviews if the School Atmosphere is low.[10]
  • If Buraza Town is fully implemented, Yandere-chan will be able to use the Internet to find out where Senpai is going.[11]
  • Yandere-chan's computer may have more functions, depending on budget.[12]
  • There is a reason as to why Yandere-chan can slander other people on the school's page, but it is something that, in the future, will have to be learned from the tapes/eavesdropping.[13]
  • Yandere-chan's computer runs on SaikouOS.[14]
  • One of the original plans for the game was to steal a person's phone and post lies on their accounts on the Internet. However, the idea is pretty complex so it is unknown if this will be implemented.[15]
  • As of January 24th, 2016, YandereDev plans to add more functions to Yandere-chan's computer.[16]