The intros are the beginning cut-scenes in Yandere Simulator that shed some light on what caused Yandere-chan to have her current goal.

There are currently two intros that have focused on the main characters from Yandere-chan's perspective. They are set before the game starts.

First Intro

(OUTDATED) Old Yandere Sim Intro Part 101:04

(OUTDATED) Old Yandere Sim Intro Part 1

(OUTDATED) Old Yandere Sim Intro Part 2-001:23

(OUTDATED) Old Yandere Sim Intro Part 2-0

(OUTDATED) Old Yandere Sim Intro Part 3-002:26

(OUTDATED) Old Yandere Sim Intro Part 3-0

(OUTDATED) Old Yandere Sim Intro Part 4-005:14

(OUTDATED) Old Yandere Sim Intro Part 4-0

The first intro was possibly first shown around October 14th, 2014.

YandereDev states in the description of the videos for this intro that what is shown is "extremely old, and no longer reflects Yandere-chan's characterization, or how the intro of the game will play out." The fourth and final part of the series says that Info-chan's characterization is also not properly portrayed. Osana Najimi also has her old appearance that was later given to Rival-chan.[1][2]

In this intro, YandereDev prioritized story over lore, but he decided not to do so in the future.[3]


Yandere-chan is a teenage girl who is about to begin her second year of high school. Right before the entrance ceremony at school, she is alone in her bedroom, thinking about how she wants a love life because her current situation was "disappointing", as she calls it. She imagines the perfect love interest for her, called "Senpai", and fantasizes about him until she realizes she is late for school. She chooses a uniform to wear, gets her supplies, and hurries off.

As she is running to school, she bumps into the person she had fantasized about. Not long after, she sees that he has a tsundere childhood friend, who Yandere-chan quickly grows jealous of. Unfortunately, Yandere-chan doesn't know what to do and hurries off to school.

Later, she gets a call from a mysterious person who wants to meet her alone in Classroom 3-3, which currently doesn't exist in-game. The mysterious person - named Info-chan - is the redheaded journalist and president of the Newspaper Club who tries to persuade Yandere-chan that murder is the correct way to get rid of the rival. Info-chan also talks about how taking panty shots of other students with her phone will allow Yandere-chan to get Panty Shot Favors. The intro ends with Yandere-chan confused and alone once more, considering her options.


[The intro's establishing shot is from above Yandere-chan as she lies down in her bed over the covers a few hours before school starts. The girl is in her blue pajamas either thinking to herself or talking out loud while alone in her room.]

Outdated intro first line

The first line of the original intro.

Yandere-chan: Tomorrow, I will start my second year of high school. My first year of high school was disappointing. I was hoping I would meet someone special, but nobody asked me out. I guess the love of my life isn't going to just fall into my lap. I can't just sit around and wait for someone to ask me out. I have to be more proactive! I wonder...what would my dream lover look like? Well...for starters...they would have to be...

Senpai customization first intro

One version of Senpai Customization.

[At this point the player of this intro is given a choice to choose between a male and female ideal lover. The background is white and covered in hearts. The player chooses to have their crush be male, scrolling through some of the options given to show the viewer the customization options. After doing so the player goes with the default look for their character.]

Yandere-chan: Oh, Senpai... [The camera shows the alarm clock next to Yandere-chan's bed. It is 6:29 AM.] You're perfect...I want to spend the rest of my life with you... [Alarm clock rings, but the girl quickly uses a single index finger to turn it off.] No...not yet...I'm not done dreaming.


Yandere-chan: [The camera cross fades to the girl sitting up on her bed, stretching.] Ahh...I slept so well! That was the best dream I've ever had...I wonder what time it is... [She turns to her left and the camera shows that it is 8:15 AM, according to the clock.] CRAP! School starts in 15 minutes! [Yandere-chan walks over to her closet.] If I hurry, I can still make it! [She puts her right index finger towards her mouth, clearly thinking.] Now, what did my school's uniform look like again?!

First intro uniform selection

Old uniform choices.

[The video has the options of six outfits pop up in a circle. One of them is being hidden from view behind the first outfit that can be selected, the White Seifuku. The player checks out all the outfits going counterclockwise and gives enough time for the viewer to see the descriptions for each uniform. Finally, the player chooses the first option.]

Yandere-chan: [The camera cross fades to showing the viewers Yandere-chan in her new outfit from bottom to top. She looks ahead, smiling.] Found it! I hope it looks good on me... [She quickly nods to herself with her right hand at her chin and her left hand holding her right elbow.] Okay, no time to waste! Gotta get moving! [The camera smash cuts to a piece of toast jumping out of a toaster with Yandere-chan catching the toast when it is in midair. The view smash cuts again to a door that the girl bursts out of while running. She has the toast in her mouth, her pupils are small, and a bag in her right hand.]

First intro grabbing toast

Yandere-chan catching her toast.

I'm laaaaaaaaaate!

I'm laaaaaaaaaate

Yandere-chan hurrying out the door.

Yandere-chan: [The video cross fades to the main character running through an empty street in first person. The neighborhood is bright and looks fairly normal.] I'm almost there! I can make it just in time for the entrance ceremony.

[The intro is now shown through Yandere-chan's POV. The person that Yandere-chan fantasized about comes flying from a corner, noticing her with his pupils contracting as they crash into each other. The shot is comical with the toast from the girl's mouth soaring in the air between them and both characters falling on their backs. There is a shot of the toast landing on the ground and the camera moves over to Yandere-chan who has her bag right next to her as she sits on the ground on her knees. Her head is down.]

Yandere-chan: Owch, owch, owch...that hurt...

Senpai: [He stretches out his hand toward the fallen girl.] I'm so sorry! I wasn't watching where I was going! Do you need a hand?

Yandere-chan: [Looks up into his face.] Huh? [The video shows from her POV again. Senpai is standing in front of her, holding out his hand, but the background is again white with hearts everywhere. The focus then turns on Yandere-chan who also is surrounded by hearts. The perspective slowly zooms into her face.]

Senpai with hearts

As Yandere-chan sees her Senpai.

(No way...this is the person I saw in my dreams last night! This can't be a coincidence. This must be fate! This is my destiny!)

Senpai: [It's back at the girl's POV, but this time the background is just the neighborhood and Senpai is frowning, still holding out his hand.] Um...are you okay? You didn't hit your head or anything, did you?

Senpai normal background

No Yandere Vision.

Yandere-chan: Oh! Don't worry, I'm fine! [There is a shot of Yandere-chan taking Senpai's hand. It shows her face, with the same background of hearts.]

(I've never felt this way before! Now I'm certain! This is my one true love!)

Senpai: [The girl stands up from the floor and the two are facing each other. Senpai is slightly taller than her.] I'm glad you're okay. I was worried.

Yandere-chan: [She plays with her hands and looks down shyly for a moment.] Oh, you're so considerate!

Senpai: [He scratches the back of his head with his right hand and looks off into the distance, to his right.] I'd better go now. If I'm late, I'll be in big trouble!

Yandere-chan: [Acts shyly then is surprised and puts her right hand's index finger on her face, thinking again.] Oh! That's right! I forgot about school! [Stops thinking.]

Senpai: [Gives Yandere-chan a friendly wave.] See you! [Runs off.]

Yandere-chan: [Waves back.] ...y...yeah...see you... [The camera zooms in on Yandere-chan's smiling face from the left, with the hearts background.]

(I finally met the person I'll be with for the rest of my life! It's time for the romance I've been waiting for! My exciting high school love life starts now!)

Osana Najimi: What took you so long?

Yandere-chan: [The heart background quickly goes, Yandere-chan's pupils contract slightly, and she loses her smile.] Huh?! [The camera pushes in to Osana Najimi, talking to Senpai up ahead.] Who the hell is SHE?!

Osana Najimi: [She makes some sort of frustrated motion while shaking her head. Senpai is frowning. Osana is shorter than Senpai.] Geez, you always keep me waiting! You've been like this since we were little kids!

First intro tsundere

Osana's original appearance.

Senpai: [Senpai scratches the back of his head again.] I'm sorry...

Yandere-chan: [The video zooms in on Yandere-chan still observing the scene.] No way...a childhood friend?!

Osana Najimi: [The focus is back on Osana and Senpai's conversation.] Don't get the wrong idea! [She shakes her head.] It's not like I WANT to walk to school with you! I only walk with you because you'd probably get lost without my help! You're hopeless!

Senpai: [Senpai scratches the back of his head again.] I'm sorry...

Yandere-chan: [The view is of her face again, being zoomed in on.] A tsundere?! It's even worse than I thought!

Osana Najimi: [View of the conversation again. Osana nods and does some girly expression with her hands.] Come on...let's get to school. And try to keep up!

Senpai: I'm sorry...

Yandere-chan: [The intro shows her falling to her knees in defeat, having her head down once more.] exciting high school love life can't be over this quickly... [Yandere-chan looks up, the situation filling her with determination.] I have to get rid of that girl somehow! [She gets up and relaxes her expression.] There's no time to worry about it now...I have to get to school right away!

[The camera pulls back from Yandere-chan running toward the school, with Osana and Senpai already gone. Info-chan is shown to be looking at the scene from behind a pole.]

Info-chan: So, history is repeating itself, huh? Time to test a theory...

Time to test a theory a game theory

Info-chan stalking Yandere-chan.

Yandere-chan: [The scene cross fades to another that is zooming in on Yandere-chan in her school, looking out a window.] I could hardly concentrate during the entrance ceremony, or listen when the new teachers were introducing themselves. All I could think about...was the person from my dreams. I noticed them walking up the stairs to the classrooms on the third floor. That means they are one year ahead of me. That makes them my Senpai. I wonder if they would be willing to date an underclassman like me? I wonder if that blonde bimbo is going to make her move soon...I have to act now, before it's too late! [Yandere-chan's phone rings and she is surprised. The camera stops zooming. She checks to see who it is on her pink phone.] Huh? A text message?

"Meet me in classroom 3-3. I have something important to talk to you about."

Yandere-chan: What an ominous message! I don't recognize this number. Who could this be? Oh...what if it's my Senpai?! What if they fell in love with me and already want to confess?! I've got to hurry to Class 3-3!

[The scene crossfades to Yandere-chan, walking near the front of a dark classroom alone.]

Yandere-chan: [She folds her arms together and looks to her left.] It's so dark in here...hello? Is anyone here?

Info-chan: I'm glad you came. [Yandere-chan is surprised and stares in the direction of the camera. It turns to its left to show Info-chan, directly opposite of Yandere-chan. It cuts to a shot of Info-chan's shoes, going up quickly to show her smirking. Her glasses flash dangerously.]

Yandere-chan: [The scene focuses on Yandere-chan again, still a bit in shock.] I don't recognize did you get my phone number?

Info-chan: [The camera moves left again. Info-chan is walking toward the protagonist.] Collecting information about the students enrolled at this school is my hobby. It's earned me the nickname "Info-chan." [Info-chan stops walking.] My specialty is uncovering a person's darkest secrets, so learning your phone number was a trivial task.

Collecting info is my hobby

Info-chan revealing some information about herself.

Yandere-chan: [The view turns right towards Yandere-chan, who has her composure back with a skeptical look on her face.] Darkest secrets, huh? Let's see you prove it. Tell me a secret about someone in this school.

Info-chan: [The focus is on her face with her glasses illuminated.] Today, while running to school with toast in her mouth, Yandere-chan bumped into an upperclassman. She fell in love on the spot.

Yandere-chan: [The intro shows Yandere-chan, shocked again.] could you possibly know that?!

Info-chan: [Focus on Info-chan.] Like I said, learning secrets is my specialty. I plan to become a journalist one day, and I'm preparing myself for investigative journalism by honing my skills at this school.

Info-chan once a journalist

While previously a journalist, Info-chan's current club is unknown.

Yandere-chan: [Focus on Yandere-chan.] That's nice, but I'm really creeped out right now...what do you want from me?

Info-chan: [Focus on Info-chan.] I'd like to share some information that might interest you. The girl you saw speaking to your beloved Senpai is named Osana Najimi. As you may have begun to suspect, she's had a huge crush on your Senpai for a long time. She plans to confess her love one week from now - next Friday. Your Senpai is the type of person who could never turn down a love confession. If she confesses to him, he is guaranteed to accept her feelings.

Yandere-chan: [Focus on Yandere-chan.] Are you serious?! This is bad...but why are you telling me any of this?

Info-chan: [Focus on Info-chan.] I'm the President of the Newspaper Club; I produce and distribute the school newspaper. It's how I prepare for my career as a journalist. Sadly, almost nobody bothered to read my newspaper last year, even though I poured my heart and soul into every article I wrote...

Yandere-chan: [Focus on Yandere-chan, with a somewhat annoyed look on her face.] I'm very sorry to hear that, but you still haven't answered my question...

Info-chan: [Focus on Info-chan.] If there was a bit more drama going on at this school, I'd be able to write more interesting articles. If something tragic happens to Osana Najimi between now and Friday...she won't be able to steal your Senpai from you, and I'll be able to publish a juicy article about the terrible misfortune that befell her.

Yandere-chan: [Focus on Yandere-chan.] What are you suggesting? Are you saying I should hurt Najimi-san?

Info-chan: [Focus on Info-chan.] No, of course not. I'm not saying you should hurt her. [The camera quickly zooms in on Info-chan's face, with the glasses flashing.]

I'm saying you should KILL her.

Info-chan is insane

Info-chan asking for a favor.

Yandere-chan: [The camera shows her surprised face.] KILL HER?

Info-chan: [Focus on Info-chan.] Of course! If a death occurred right here at school, students would naturally want to know everything about it, and my newspaper would provide them with every last juicy detail about Osana-chan's demise...except for the identity of the killer, of course. I would never tell a soul about your involvement. It would be even better if you killed a few other students, as well. Just imagine how the students would panic if they thought a serial killer was on the loose here at school! The more fear you can stir up, the more people will turn to my newspaper for answers, and the more successful I will become! Of course, if you killed EVERY student at school, then nobody would be alive to read the school don't go TOO wild! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Yandere-chan: [Focus on Yandere-chan's face in disbelief.]'re insane.

Info-chan: [Focus on Info-chan.] And you fell in love with someone after colliding with them in the middle of the street. That's not normal, either.

Yandere-chan: [Focus on Yandere-chan's determined face, with hearts in the background.] You don't understand! I saw my Senpai in my dreams! That means our meeting was fate! We belong together! It's our destiny!

Birds of a feather

Yandere-chan adamant about her true love.

Info-chan: [Focus on Info-chan, background is normal.] Oh, I don't doubt that for a second. You'd be willing to do absolutely anything to be with your destined loved one, wouldn't you?

Yandere-chan: [Focus on Yandere-chan.] Yes! Anything!

Info-chan: [Focus on Info-chan's face, especially the glasses.] Then you'd have no problem killing Osana-chan, right?

Yandere-chan: [Focus on Yandere-chan, looking uncertain.] ...but...that's...

Info-chan: [Focus on Info-chan.] Don't worry; I'll support you every step of the way. If you take a picture of a student's face and send it to me, I'll tell you everything I know about that student. I can do a lot of other favors for you, as well...but I would have to ask for payment, and I only deal in a very specific currency.

Yandere-chan: [Looking annoyed again.] ...and what would that currency be?

Info-chan: Panty shots. [Focus on Info-chan's face and glasses with a yellow background filled with panties.]

Perfect background

Info-chan asking for panty shots.

Yandere-chan: [Surprised look.] What?!

Info-chan: [Focus on her.] Quite a few of the boys at this school - and even some of the girls - will pay me a lot of money for panty shots of female students. If you send me photographs of girls' panties, there are a lot of favors that I might be able to do for you.

Yandere-chan: [Background gone with her looking uncertain.] I don't want to take pictures of my classmates' panties...and I don't know if I could kill anyone...

Info-chan: [Focus on face.] I'm sure you could. It's in your blood, after all.

Yandere-chan: [Her face seems indignant.] ...what's that supposed to mean?

Info-chan: [Focus on her.] Never mind that. Just consider my proposal. You don't have to give me your answer right away; you have the entire weekend to think about it. But, starting on Monday, you will have five days to get rid of Osana-chan before she confesses her love to your Senpai.

Yandere-chan: [Surprised.] Five days...

Info-chan: [Waves at Yandere-chan.] I'll be going now. I've got articles to write. I'll see you later.

Yandere-chan: [The scene shows from in front of Yandere-chan. She has her right index finger to her face, deep in thought. She thinks of one thing.] ...Senpai... [The screen fades to black.]

Thinking pose

A pose sometimes used for when Yandere-chan is thinking.


The atmosphere in general seems bright in comparison to the concept of the game itself and all its mechanics. The first part seems like a regular bedroom with a girl who is in love with love. The next has a bit more tension because of the rush and the new foe, but it's not so bad. The third part takes a higher level with its creepiness, but it's not as dark as the game can be since there's no real bloodshed or actual in-progress plan of attack.

Yandere-chan seems very average in this opening and just wants a fulfilling love life. She seems bored with her life and wants something new. Yandere-chan is a bit love-crazy, especially considering that she must be around 17 years old by now. She says that she wants to "spend the rest of [her] life" with this imaginary character. She is also convinced that it is fate that binds her and Senpai together and can kill for him, so she's obsessive as ever. Despite this, she doesn't want to kill others and is probably, at first, all bark and no bite. She doesn't have enough conviction. She even considers a lesser evil action, taking panty shots, as a bad idea so she's got morals and a conscience, it seems. However, considering that Yandere-chan can still ruin other people's lives throughout the game, this might mean that she changed her mind.

Senpai from the first intro is a nice and friendly person. As Yandere-chan points out when she first meets him, he is "considerate". He's also a pushover because he lets Osana boss him around instead of speaking up for himself. His each and every line to Osana in the opening is just apologizing. It's unknown if he's tried to stick up for himself before now. It's unknown if he genuinely cares for Osana or if he hangs out with her for any reason other than that he can't get away.

Osana is a typical tsundere here. She is very rude and unpleasant, but that's to be expected of her. Osana might care for Senpai, but she might look after him only because he's her crush. If she wasn't romantically interested in him, it's unknown what Osana would do, considering her personality might've differed back then. The new Osana Najimi isn't that good of a person, since she might not care for Senpai if his sister gets killed.[4]

Info-chan is an ambitious journalist who has resorted to immoral methods to become more popular. She is very curious, seeing as collecting information is her hobby. She's very skilled at what she does, but seems to get no recognition for it. She worked hard on the school newspaper she wrote last year and hasn't given up on it yet, so she's very dedicated. Unfortunately for everyone else, that means she'll do whatever it takes to get what she wants, seeing as she doesn't care about what happens to her classmates.

Unused Cutscene Script

After YandereDev received feedback on the first intro he stated in the comments of a blog post that he created a new script[5] and talked about what he was planning to change.[6]


The whole cutscene is basically a modified version of the first intro with some ideas from the second intro added in. Although Yandere-chan does not arrive late for school, she still catches Senpai and the first rival hanging out and later gets a text message from Info-chan, who wants to work with the yandere. What certain parts of the cutscene implies is written out for the readers on the document by YandereDev to make everything more clear than the first intro had been.


[The camera shows Senpai outside of a classroom with Yandere-chan spying at him around a corner. The view changes to one over the shoulder of Yandere-chan, who stares at Senpai and the first rival hanging out together.]

Yandere-chan: I followed them around for a while, and found out what class they're in. Classroom 3-1. That makes them my seniors.

[The rival then moves closer to Senpai and the camera cuts back to Yandere-chan, who shows deep jealousy from witnessing this event.]

Yandere-chan: Who the hell does she think she is, getting so cozy with him like that?! [Yandere-chan's phone vibrates.] Huh? A text message? "Meet me in classroom 3-3. I have something important to talk to you about." I don't recognize this number. Who could this be? It sounds serious, so I'd better go...

[Yandere-chan arrives in Classroom 3-3.]

Yandere-chan: It's so dark in here...hello? Is anyone here?

Info-chan: I'm glad you came.

Yandere-chan: I don't recognize did you get my phone number?

Info-chan: [Info-chan approaches Yandere-chan.] There's no need for introductions. I only need to know one thing: How would you react if I showed you this picture?

[Info-chan shows a selfie on her phone of her with Senpai. Yandere-chan's eyes shrink and her mouth agape. This expression quickly changes to a solemn one with hollow, empty eyes.]

Info-chan:'re getting a bit too close. [Info-chan backs away as Yandere-chan approaches the redhead with the camera following the two.] What exactly are you doing?

Yandere-chan: [Info-chan bumps into a wall and Yandere-chan slams her hands on either side of Info-chan's head.] I'm only going to say this once. [Her words slow down, menacingly.] Stay away from Senpai. Senpai belongs to me. If I ever see you talking to Senpai, I'm going to kill you.

Info-chan: [The scene shows Info-chan, who looks surprised, then relieved.] I can't tell you how happy it makes me to hear that.

Yandere-chan: [The scene is cut back to Yandere-chan, who snaps out of Yandere Mode.] Huh?

Info-chan: [Info-chan shows the photo once more.] This photo is fake. I made it on my computer. I have no interest whatsoever in that student. I just wanted to know how you'd react if I showed this to you, that's all.

Yandere-chan: [Yandere-chan reacts angrily.] Why are you screwing with me like this?!

Info-chan: I think that the two of us can help one another, but first, I had to find out what type of person you are. Now that I know, I'm ready to make you an offer.

Yandere-chan: [Yandere-chan steps away from Info-chan.] Okay, I'm listening.

Info-chan: I believe that a formal introduction is in order. Collecting information about the students enrolled at this school is my hobby. It's earned me the nickname 'Info-chan'. I'd like to share some information that might interest you. The girl you saw speaking to your beloved Senpai is named Osana Najimi. As you may have begun to suspect, she's had a huge crush on your Senpai for a long time, and she plans to confess to him soon.

Yandere-chan: How soon?!

Info-chan: Have you heard the myth about the Confession Tree?

Yandere-chan: [Focus on Yandere-chan looks baffled.] Huh? I think I heard something about that once, but I don't remember any of the details...

Info-chan: [The cutscene shows a unique-looking cherry tree to the viewers.] There's an old myth at this school that if a girl confesses her love to a boy underneath a certain tree at 6:00 PM on a Friday, the boy will love her forever. [Focus back on Info-chan and Yandere-chan.] Osana-chan believes in the myth, and plans to confess to your Senpai under the tree next Friday. Your Senpai is a kind person, and would never want to hurt Osana-chan's feelings, so he will certainly accept her confession.

Yandere-chan: Are you serious?! This is bad...but why are you telling me any of this?

Info-chan: I'm the President of the Newspaper Club; I produce and distribute the school newspaper. It's how I prepare for my career as a journalist. Sadly, almost nobody bothered to read my newspaper last year, even though I poured my heart and soul into every article I wrote...

Yandere-chan: I'm very sorry to hear that, but you still haven't answered my question...

Info-chan: If there was a bit more drama going on at this school, I'd be able to write more interesting articles. If something tragic happens to Osana Najimi between now and Friday, she won't be able to steal your Senpai from you, and I'll be able to publish a juicy article about the terrible misfortune that befell her.

Yandere-chan: Are you asking me to kill Osana Najimi? 

Info-chan: [Info-chan's eyes grow wide.] My, my! I wasn't planning on suggesting something so vulgar, but you seem to have no problem making death threats, so I suppose it's not out of the question. No matter how you choose to handle Osana-chan, I promise to support you every step of the way.

Yandere-chan: How exactly can you help me?

Info-chan: If you take a picture of a student's face and send it to me, I'll tell you everything I know about that student. I can do a lot of other favors for you, as well...but I would have to ask for payment, and I only deal in a very specific currency.

Yandere-chan: ...and what currency would that be?

Info-chan: Panty shots. 

Yandere-chan: ...excuse me?

Info-chan: Quite a few of the boys at this school - and even some of the girls - will pay me a lot of money for panty shots of female students. If you send me photographs of girls' panties, there are a lot of favors that I might be able to do for you.

Yandere-chan: [Yandere-chan's expresses distaste at the idea.] Have you no shame?

Info-chan: [Info-chan smirks.] You were willing to kill me just a few moments after meeting me, so I don't think you have any right to question my ethics. But let's put all of that behind us, and look forward to a wonderful partnership.

Info-chan: [Info-chan begins to walk away.] If you need me, text me. And if you're not interested in working together, I understand. Good luck with your love life. See you around.

Yandere-chan: [Focus on Yandere-chan.] Info-chan, huh? I guess she can be of use to me. So, I have until next Friday to deal with that girl... [The camera moves in on Yandere-chan.]

...Senpai... [A close-up shot of Yandere-chan's determined face.] You WILL be mine.

[The scene cuts to black.]


Yandere-chan's violent side really shines through and, as YandereDev states at the beginning of the document, she already had violence planned before meeting Info-chan. YandereDev even considered Yandere-chan wishing death upon the first rival.

Given this determination to ruin the rival, Yandere-chan seems to have a special willingness to take action. When she receives the text message from Info-chan she doesn't mull over the potentially dangerous situations she could find, even if her school is well-kept. Throughout her conversation with Info-chan she is very open with her emotions and does not try to maintain her cool around the redhead. Because of this nature of Yandere-chan's, her personality could even cross into stupidity. It is fitting, given that a true yandere would believe that what she does is justified or would not dwell on the rights and wrongs of her own actions but rather on others.

Speaking of others, Info-chan's true character is yet again a mystery. YandereDev stated that Info-chan's true name should be a double entendre that could mean both "informant" and "traitor". Who Info-chan is going to betray is unknown, as it is possible that it is not Yandere-chan since Info-chan was not going to be the final rival at some point.[7]

Adding onto her character, Info-chan still seems fully in control of the situation. She may be testing the waters, but she knows what to do. Even so, YandereDev wanted to represent Yandere-chan as the true puppetmaster. Info-chan may seem confident but it is unknown what YandereDev truly had planned for her here.

Along with that, the readers will not be well-informed about Senpai and Osana like they were in the first intro. Given that Yandere-chan's and Info-chan's personalities are more important than the other two, this should not gather much concern. However, the scene would certainly leave readers guessing at what made Yandere-chan obsess over Senpai in the first place, similarly to the second official intro.

On that note, the whole cutscene bears some resemblance to the second intro, so it gives some insight on its development before it became what it is in-game.

Second Intro

Intro Cutscene - Yandere Simulator Cutscene-002:36

Intro Cutscene - Yandere Simulator Cutscene-0

The second intro was implemented as of the August 15th, 2015 Build. This one has two parts: one that focuses mainly on the audio with minor changes on the screen and a text message conversation between Yandere-chan and Info-chan right after. These two parts can be skipped by holding down F (PC).
Info-chan Tutorial Cutscene - Yandere Simulator Cutscene01:31

Info-chan Tutorial Cutscene - Yandere Simulator Cutscene

The setting of the first part is unknown, but since the game starts sometime after Yandere-chan meets Senpai[8], then it's possible that this was before school starts since the game starts at April, the beginning of a Japanese school year. However, the phone messages had to have happened before the school year started since Info-chan's Student Profile system and the Panty Shot Favor Exchange are available at the start of the game.

In the first part Yandere-chan has a little monologue, which can raise a few questions as it's unknown why she's doing this, where she is, or who's she's addressing. The whole intro in general tells less information than the first, but that must be saved for the game and facts that can only be told outside of the game.


The first half has Yandere-chan talking to herself, or possibly someone else, about her connection with Senpai, except for where she met him and why she loves him and not anyone else. The second half has her conversing with Info-chan who becomes a new potential ally in Yandere-chan's quest to remove rivals.


[The screen is almost completely black, save for a single word that says, "Skip" at the top right of the screen and a background behind the black with moving hearts. There are subtitles for the player to follow.]

Yandere-chan: [With slight echo in her voice, as if she's in an empty room.] I can't feel anything. For as long as I can remember, I've never been able to feel emotions. I pretend to be normal when I'm around other people, but on the inside, I feel nothing. [Ominous music starts and slowly grows. There is a repeated "thud" sound in the background.] It's not as bad as it may sound. I know that I'm broken, but I don't care. This is normal for me. [Music grows faster and louder.] But everything changed when I met him...

...My Senpai. [Lovely harp sounds. The pink background with hearts appears. Elegant and romantic music plays with elongated notes of an instrument that is or is similar to a violin.]

Yandere-chan: For the first time, I felt something. A strong desire. A longing. A yearning. A craving. Now I finally understand what it means to be human. To be alive. I'm addicted to the way he makes me feel. I don't care about anything else. He is everything to me. [Music slowly grows more high-pitched.] And now, someone is trying to take him from me. [Thuds start and horns flare as the music goes more high-pitched, and then suddenly stops.]

[The hearts are covered by the black screen once again.]

Yandere-chan: [More scary music plays.] She wants him, but not in the same way that I want him. She could never appreciate him the way I do. She doesn't deserve him. He belongs to me alone. [Music grows louder.] She has taught me a new emotion... Rage. [Music grows faster and is louder.] I want to stop her. [It goes faster. The volume rises.] I want to hurt her. [Music stops.] I want to kill her. [The black screen abruptly becomes a saturated red. The music is going quick and the volume is higher than ever before. It calms down as Yandere-chan speaks again.] There is nothing I won't do for Senpai. I won't let anyone come between us. [Volume rises.] I don't care what I have to do. I don't care who I have to hurt. I don't care whose blood I have to spill. I won't let anyone take him from me. Nothing else matters. No one else matters. [The screen turns black once again. Music stops.] Senpai will be mine. [Music goes through a crescendo and then abruptly stops.] He doesn't have a choice.

[The words, in red, "Yandere Simulator" appear on the black screen with excited music. The scene cross fades to the second part, but in the form of a text message conversation. At the bottom left part of the screen the word, "Skip" is in a pink box with the letter "F" accompanying it. On the bottom right part of the screen the word, "Next" is in a similar pink box with the letter "E" next to it. In the middle of the screen there is a phone. The background behind the phone is white with darkness creeping in on it from every corner.]

Info-chan: [Her voice comes with her message shown on the phone.] Hey.

Yandere-chan: Do I know you?

Info-chan: I saw you stalking an upperclassman today.

Yandere-chan: Do you have a problem with that?


Second intro.

Info-chan: No. I wanted to give you some information about the girl he was with. Her name is Osana Najimi. She has a crush on him. She believes in the myth about the cherry tree behind the school.

Yandere-chan: The myth that if you confess your love to someone underneath that tree on a Friday, they are guaranteed to accept your confession?

Info-chan: Correct. She's planning to confess to him next Friday.


Second intro.

Yandere-chan: Why are you telling me this?

Info-chan: I would be happy if something bad happened to Osana-chan. I think you might be the right person to give her what she deserves.

Yandere-chan: Who are you?

Info-chan: I'm the person nicknamed "Info-chan" at school.


Second intro.

Yandere-chan: I've heard rumors about you. You blackmail girls and sell panty shots to boys. Nobody knows your real name.

Info-chan: The rumors are true. If you ever need a favor, text me a panty shot and I'll give you whatever support I can. If [you] want to know personal information about anyone at our school, just send me a photograph of their face, and I'll tell you everything I know about them.


Second intro.

Yandere-chan: You're disgusting.

Info-chan: You're a stalker. If you want my help, text me. If you don't care, ignore me. You have one week until your precious Senpai belongs to Osana-chan. I hope you make her suffer.


Second intro.

[Screen fades to black.]


The first scene quickly changes from dark to bright to dark again. The music in the background at first made it seem like a monster was coming with the thuds, but then it turned into something out of a regular lovesick girl's mind with charming music. The thuds came back, showing that the pleasant tone in the middle wasn't to be a regular occurrence.

Yandere-chan is an emotionless girl who changed when she first met her Senpai. She sounds almost wistful when she first says, " Senpai." This suggests that even though the event where she met her Senpai might've been some short time ago, she fondly cherishes the memory. She focuses herself on him, it seems, but doesn't really care for who he is or what he wants. The girl only cares about the feelings Senpai gives her. Yandere-chan seems more willing to do wicked deeds in the name of love and is less of an average girl.

Senpai's characterization is not elaborated on throughout the whole thing. Senpai is not shown to be considerate or a pushover, but there isn't much reason for him to change. Still, for now, he serves as a simple love interest and motivation for Yandere-chan. Obviously, this will change.

Osana doesn't have much personality as well, but she also doesn't have a reason to change. She might've done something bad to bother Info-chan in some way so that Info-chan would like her to suffer, but Info-chan might want another target.

Info-chan is as terrible as ever. She still gives out Panty Shot Favors, so she doesn't care about boundaries. She wants to ruin Osana, so she doesn't care for her, and possibly others that might get hurt by Yandere-chan in her path. Info-chan isn't exactly pleasant to Yandere-chan either, so she just seems evil all over. She is more mysterious in this intro because her motivations aren't said and her face isn't even shown.