Kocho Shuyona
Staff Info
Role Unknown
Occupation Headmaster
Club Faculty
Age 31 (1989)

60 (2018)[1]

Persona Strict
Crush None
Strength ?????
Appears Week 0

Kocho Shuyona is the Headmaster of Akademi High School. He is a faculty member in Yandere Simulator.

He is the reason behind some of Akademi High School's strange rules. According to Mysterious Tape #2, he is rumored to be bribing the police and media to stay away from the school for unspecified reasons.

He has a secret personality, backstory, and role in the gameplay. He will not factor into gameplay, but he plays a large role in the game's backstory and lore. He works in the Headmaster's Office.


Kocho has short, dark brown hair and glasses. He wears a light blue shirt with a red tie under a green vest. He has light brown pants and dark brown shoes.

In the 1980s, he wore a green jacket and held a blue file.


"Kocho Shuyona is the headmaster of Yandere-chan's school. He is 59 years old, and he has held the same position since 1985, when the prestigious school first opened its doors.

At the beginning of his career, he was a cheerful, optimistic, energetic young man who was full of hope for the future. However, over the course of his long tenure, his demeanor has changed drastically. He has become a cynical, pessimistic, world-weary old man who seems to have completely lost his faith in the world - especially its youth.

What happened over the course of the past few decades to change this man in such drastic ways? What regrets does he live with? What kind of decisions will he make now, at the end of his career, now that he has so little to lose?"[2]



Kocho preparing to electrocute Yandere-chan. October 1st, 2017.

According to his profile, he is extremely reclusive and avoids leaving his office or addressing the student body in person.

He is a very stubborn person who does not want to admit that he has lost control of the situation at school. However, under extreme circumstances (for example, if an entire class dies) he might allow the school to shut down.[3]

In Story Mode, he is close to retirement; he is world-weary, pessimistic, and cynical. In 1980s Mode, he is eager to begin work as the headmaster; he is energetic, optimistic, and cheerful.[4] As he is less than a year away from retirement, he does not see a reason to care about anything and delegates most of his work to Genka Kunahito.[5]

He will not hesitate to use his taser on Yandere-chan if she gets too close and would not defend her from bullies.[6]


Kocho sits in his chair working on his Saikou computer every day. He'll leave his office at lunchtime.

If Yandere-chan enters the office, he will be shocked and if she comes closer he will stand up and point a taser at her, if she stands too close to him for 60 seconds, depletes his patience, or has a corpse or weapon, he will electrocute her, resulting in a Game Over.


  • He was implemented in the October 1st, 2017 Build.
  • It is currently impossible to kill him as he is unaffected by any Easter Eggs.
  • If all teachers are killed, Kocho will walk around and discover their corpses.[7]
  • In the future, Yandere-chan will be able to take a picture of rivals breaking school rules and report them to The Headmaster or Genka Kunahito to get them expelled.[8]
  • Kocho will have his own cassette tapes.[9] They will reveal some insight into Info-chan's classroom's location, and why there is a katana on school grounds.[10]
    • Kocho hasn't touched the katana's handle since 1988.[11]
  • Kochou "古長" can be translated as "old leader". Kouchou, with other kanjis "校長", means headmaster. Shuyou "主要" means main, major.
  • He is probably the only member of the Akedemi staff to meet Ryoba Aishi.[12]
  • While he has some self-defense training, he is too old for physical combat, which is why he uses a taser.[13]
  • Only the faculty are aware of his taser.[14]


Ahh...! It''s you!
No, that would be must be...her daughter...
I'll tolerate you in my school, but not in my office.
Leave at once.
There is nothing for you to achieve here. Just. Get. Out.
— Kocho if Yandere-chan enters his office. are you doing?
Are you trying to re-enact something you saw in a video game?
Ugh, do you really think such a stupid ploy is going to work?
I know who you are. It's obvious. You're not fooling anyone.
I don't have time for this tomfoolery. Leave at once!
— Kocho if Yandere-chan enters his office wearing a mask or cardboard box.
Not another step!
You're up to no good!, I know it!
I'm not going to let you harm me!
I'll use self-defense if I deem it necessary!
— Kocho if Yandere-chan gets too close.
Hmm...a wise decision.
— Kocho if Yandere-chan leaves his office after being threatened.
You asked for it!
— Kocho before tasing Yandere-chan.
Enough of this nonsense!
— Kocho if Yandere-chan gets too close to Kocho ten times in a row.
— Kocho if Yandere-chan brings a corpse into his office.
How dare you raise a weapon in my office!
— Kocho if Yandere-chan brings a weapon into his office.
Mr Saikou...the deal is off.
— Kocho during the ?????????? Game Over.
Ah...let's see...where to start? Well...I guess I'll start at the beginning!
My name is Kocho Shuyona, and I've just been chosen to be the Headmaster at Akademi High School!
To be honest, I'm not sure if I really believe this is happening!
I keep pinching myself to make sure I'm not dreaming!
I mean, the entire nation has been talking about this school for months.
The idea of an elite high school that only opens its doors to the most intelligent students in Japan- a,a place for the most promising young men and women of today to be transformed into the leaders of tomorrow- a school built for the sole purpose of being the most prestigious learning institute in the country- it's an ambitious undertaking, to say the least!
But the thing that shocks everyone the most is that the school is being bankrolled by Saikou Corp!
Who would have expected an electronics company to found a school?
At first, I thought it was some kind of...long-term business plan.
Maybe they wanted to build a place to gather the best and brightest students of Japan, and...train them to be their next generation of employees. turns out that I was wrong - REALLY wrong - and, I got to hear the truth straight from Mr. Saikou himself!
That's right - I just met THE Saisho Saikou in person. I'm still shaking!
It was like...getting to meet Leonardo da Vinci...or, or Thomas Edison!
I've lost count of how many things he's invented or improved, I...I don't think there's a single product in my home that doesn't have the Saikou logo on it!
A man whose ideas and inventions change the world...people like that are only born once a century!
Anyway...the reason he built this blew my mind!
It's not something he's ever mentioned in public, but...he didn't tell me to keep it a secret either, it is!
It's his daughter!
It's all for his daughter!
He cherishes her more than life itself - even more than his multi-billion dollar corporate empire.
He wants to make her dreams come true, so he's building a high school customized to suit her exact tastes.
The name of the school, the location where it's being constructed, even the exact layout of the building...everything was chosen by his daughter.
His mission is to make sure that the best years of her life happen at Akademi High.
She gets to decide who's allowed to enrol, she gets to decide the school's policies, and...I'm pretty sure she gets to be student council president starting from day one, no questions asked.
So, not only will this school be a collection of Japan's most highly-qualified teachers and most brilliant students, but it's also a giant shining monument to a father's love for his daughter!
Heh, it almost brings a tear to my eye.
And I'M going to be the headmaster!
I'm still surprised I actually had the courage to send in my application!
I, I guess it's because the qualifications they were looking for seemed...surprisingly low, compared to the qualifications for every other position at the school.
In fact, Mr Saikou told me I was perfect for the job after just...asking me a few questions.
There's a part of me that wonders if...his daughter just wants the school's headmaster to have a...certain appearance, or a certain name, or voice, or...something.
I'm not really sure if I got the job because I qualify for it, or because...I meet some invisible criteria that I'm not aware of.
I guess Mr. Saikou could tell I was nervous, because he gave me a gift - this portable tape recorder!
One of his inventions.
He told me it's therapeutic to record an audio journal when you're feeling overwhelmed.
That's the whole reason I'm recording this right now.
And, I gotta worked! I feel much better now!
You know, this is kinda might turn into a habit, heh!
I can't stop thinking about the last thing he said before he left.
He called me...
"Headmaster Shuyona."
Ha...It'll be a while before I get used to hearing that!
— Headmaster Tape #1.