Kuudere Simulator 2's Logo.


Kuudere Simulator 2.

Kuudere Simulator 2 is a simple short game by YandereDev where the protagonist can switch between being a kuudere, a himedere or a tsundere. It is the sequel to Kuudere Simulator.


Himedere Mode

Pressing the H key will unlock Himedere-chan. She will speak in a very arrogant manner. Pressing the B button as Himedere-chan will make her say "Hmph!".



Head Turning

Pressing the L key will change the direction of the character's head.


Kuudere-chan turning her head.

Background Color Changes

Pressing the W key will change the color of the room.


Pressing the B key as Kuudere-chan will make her blink and say "Blink".

First Person Mode

Pressing the F key will activate first person mode. The player can still look around with the L key.


First person mode.

Tsundere Mode

Pressing the T key will unlock Tsundere-chan. Pressing the B button as Tsundere-chan will make her say "Baka!"


Tsundere Mode.


Pressing the E key will give the current character an eyepatch.


Kuudere-chan wearing an eyepatch.


Hey there, boys and girls! Ready to hear the latest feature in Yandere Simulator? Too bad! It's time to announce the sequel to the best game of 2015: Kuudere Simulator 2! Lubricate your eyeballs to the dedicated blink button! Experience new thrills by changing the color of the room! Turn your head in exciting new directions! Immerse yourself with the ground-breaking first person mode! Have you got what it takes to unlock the hidden Himedere Mode? Stop playing Yandere Simulator and grab Kuudere Simulator 2! Available now for free!
— Trailer for Kuudere Simulator 2.


  • The game was created on April 1st, 2016.