Kyoshi Taiso
Staff Info
Role Unknown
Occupation Gym Teacher
Age Adult
Persona Friendly but Strict
Crush None
Strength Extensive self-defense training
Appears Week 1
Voice Rachael Messer[1]

Kyoshi Taiso is the gym teacher at Akademi High School.


Kyoshi has medium length blonde hair. Her eyes are a turquoise blue and she has tanned skin. She wears a red tracksuit with white stripes. A silver whistle hangs around her neck.


Kyoshi is part of the school's faculty. She is friendly but Strict. She has extensive self defense training. She will smile and turn her head to pose if the player tries to take a picture of her.

She would rather be outside than be cooped up indoors.[2]


Before class time, Kyoshi stands near the school gate. At 8:15 AM, she goes to the faculty room and paces around the room in a rectangular fashion, stopping at the windows and doors to stretch as she would much rather be outdoors.


  • If Kyoshi is dismembered, she will wear the default student uniform, and it will be splattered with water instead of blood. When her head is picked up, her whistle will float in the air.
  • Kyoshi is not affected by low School Atmosphere.



Kyoshi smiling and posing at the camera. September 1st, 2017.

  • Kyoshi was implemented in the March 31st, 2016 Build.
    • The day she was implemented, the whistle around her neck caused all female students and teachers to wear a whistle around their necks as well in their student portraits. This bug was later fixed in the April 3rd, 2016 Build.
  • Her hip sway animations and tracksuit are borrowed from Bad Time Mode.
  • Kyoshi's name is taken from the Japanese taisō kyōshi (体操教師), which translates to "Gymnastics Teacher". 
  • She is responsible for opening and closing the gates before and after school, and maintaining the safety of all the students[3], so it is harder to kill students near the front gates.