The Library. January 16th, 2017.

2-2-2016 - LibraryLabel

February 2nd, 2016.

The Library is an area in Akademi High School.

First Appearance

It was originally located on the second floor towards the left. The walls were light grey and the floors were grey. There was nothing in it.

Second Appearance

The library is now located on the second floor in the western wing. The room has three sections all lined with books. A couple of tables with chairs are located to the right. One table is on the left side. Miscellaneous posters line the edges of the walls in the room. Study-kun A is found looking at books and Study-kun B is reading a book on the left side table here.


The library currently only serves one purpose. It can be used to improve a suitor's wisdom. It also hosts two male students who are used to inform the player about some of Kokona Haruka's preferences, in regards to boys.

In the future, Yandere-chan may be able to study in the library,[1] but this has not been implemented yet.