The Lust demon. February 21st, 2016.

The Lust Demon is one of the Occult Club demons that can be interacted with through the Demonic Ritual.


The Lust Demon floats at the right side of the circle of light. She has a monochrome color scheme with black eyes and long black hair. Her body is barely covered by lacy clothing and she has grey jewels covering her nipples. She has small black bat wings coming out of the side of her head and a black devil-like tail with a grey heart-shaped tip.


Ara ara! You're a cute little thing. Do you want to play with me? Or...perhaps you want to become one of us? Fufufu...I'm afraid it's too soon for you, young one... Good things come to those who wait...just be patient... I'll look forward to the day when we can play together...
— The conversation with the Lust Demon.

When walking up to the Lust Demon, the player is given an option to commune with her. Her dialogue is voiced in a soft and flirty tone, and is the color magenta. Press E for the text to pass quickly. If the player communes with her again, she will repeat exactly the same lines that she said before.

Lust Demon's Ritual

At the moment, only the Pain Demon's and Flame Demon's rituals work. It is unknown when her ritual will be implemented.

Burning Love

Main Article: Burning Love

The Lust Demon makes a minor appearance in the visual novel. The Flame Demon explains that she never talks about herself, and that the Flame Demon would never gossip about her as well.

According to the Flame Demon, she discarded her humanity in exchange for great power and to embrace demonhood. She communed with a demon, and the demon found her worthy. After performing a great sacrifice, the demon granted her the power the Lust Demon desired.


  • She was implemented in the February 21st, 2016 Build.
  • Aside from the blank eyes and the monochrome color scheme, the Lust Demon uses the same model as Dracula-chan and Sakyu Basu.
  • As revealed in the Febuary 2nd, 2017 Build, she was voiced by Michaela Laws.

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