These characters are the most important people to Yandere Simulator's plot. Some of the main characters are not implemented yet.


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Yandere-chan is the "protagonist" of Yandere Simulator and the character that the player controls throughout Story Mode, as well as the spinoff games Super Yandere 64 and Yandere Clicker.

It is the player's job to eliminate Yandere-chan's rival before the Friday of that week for ten weeks, otherwise the rival will confess to Senpai and trigger a Heartbroken ending.


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Senpai is the love interest of Yandere-chan and her obsession.

If Yandere-chan can successfully eliminate all rivals in the game, then she will be able to confess her feelings to Senpai.

If the player fails to eliminate Yandere-chan's current rival that week, the rival will confess her feelings, and Senpai will accept, leaving Yandere-chan heartbroken.


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Info-chan is one of the key characters in Yandere Simulator, being Yandere-chan's main source of help and information. Some males, and even females, pay her lots of money for panty shots.

The player can send her a picture of a person's face to view information about them. This feature doesn't currently work on NPCs with an incomplete AI. By sending her panty shots of other students, Yandere-chan can ask for Panty Shot Favors from her as well.

Ryoba Aishi

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The mother of Yandere-chan, who is also a yandere and will be the protagonist of 1980s Mode.[1] She will not appear in Story Mode for 10 weeks,[2] as she is hunting down The Journalist.[3] The Basement Tapes explain more of her backstory.

Yandere-chan's Father

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Yandere-chan's father and Ryoba's husband. He is out of Story Mode for 10 weeks[2] to assist his wife in chasing down The Journalist.[3] The Basement Tapes explain more of his backstory.


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All ten rivals.

Every week during the 10 weeks in the game, a new female student will fall in love with Senpai and become Yandere-chan's rival. It is Yandere-chan's goal to eliminate the rival before Friday of each current week. There will be one rival per week.[4]

If she fails to do so, her rival will confess her love to Senpai and Yandere-chan will be left heartbroken. Hanako Yamada won't confess her love, rather she will make her brother promise not to get a girlfriend.

Rivals have not been fully implemented yet, but when they are, the first girl planned to rival for Senpai's affections is Osana Najimi.[5]


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