2-2-2017 NemesisPortrait
Student Info
Role Hunter
Class Unknown
Club Unknown
Age Unknown
Persona Unknown
Crush Unknown
Strength Unknown
Appears Mission Mode
Nemesis is a student that is exclusive to Mission Mode.

She presents a "lethal obstacle" to the player.[1]


"'Mission Mode' takes place in a separate timeline from the main game. In Mission Mode, you play as a young female assassin who has been contracted to kill a student at school. However, you aren't the only killer at school...

Nemesis is a character who attempts to hunt and kill you during Mission Mode. It is impossible to kill her with a frontal attack; if you want to kill her, you need to approach her from behind. If you run, she will hear your footsteps, so you must be very careful and quiet if you wish to sneak up on her. Depending on what difficulty level you have chosen, Nemesis might be invincible, and might also be disguised as one of the female students.

So, just who is Nemesis? Is she a bodyguard hired to protect the student that you're after? Is she a vigilante who has made it her mission to stop you? Is she another assassin who wants to remove her competition? Or, true to her namesake - the Greek goddess of retribution - is she here to take revenge on the protagonist for the sins of her past? For now, it's a complete mystery..."[2]


She wears the default female school uniform for Mission Mode, which is the fifth female uniform available.

Nemesis has pale skin, rounded straight black hair and thin red eyes. Her fists are always clenched and she wears black gloves.

If the player chooses to have Nemesis disguised, she will take on the appearance of a random female student in the school.


YandereDev pictures Nemesis wearing a very grim and serious facial expression at all times, and being very emotionless and solemn. In almost any situation, she would have a deadpan look on her face. However, the moment she goes in for the kill, her expression may change to reveal her true nature.[1]


1-16-2017 Nemesis kill Yan-chan

Nemesis about to kill Yandere-chan by stabbing her in the head. January 16th, 2017.

She only appears if enabled in Mission Mode. At 7:00 AM, Nemesis will spawn randomly inside the school and will start wandering around the school corridors and courtyard, searching for Yandere-chan. If disguised, she will enter the school grounds as a normal student, but she will turn hostile after changing her shoes at the lockers.

When noticing Yandere-chan, she will break her routine and start following Yandere-chan in an attempt to kill her with a knife.

She does not go to class.


  • Pointing the camera at Nemesis when she kills Yandere-chan will clip her face through the camera with the game over text overlapping.
  • Nemesis will spin in circles if led onto the running track.
  • Nemesis will spin in circles if Yandere-chan is standing in front of a hiding spot.


  • When on a mission, Yandere-chan may specifically not be permitted to kill Nemesis.[3]
  • She was implemented in the December 16th, 2016 Build.
  • Nemesis can only be killed from behind.
  • Nemesis is able to hear Yandere-chan's footsteps whenever she is running, so Yandere-chan must walk, crouch or crawl in order to kill her.
  • If the player sends Info-chan a photo of Nemesis, she will respond with, "Strange. I have no profile for this student."
    • For the 2nd time, she will respond with, "...wait. I think I know who she is."
    • For the 3rd time, she will respond with, "You are in danger. Avoid her."
    • For the 4th time, she will respond with, "Do not engage."
    • For the 5th time and beyond, she will respond with, "I repeat: Do. Not. Engage."
    • If Nemesis is disguised as a female student, Info-chan will respond with, "Something about that student seems...wrong."
    • When sending a picture of Nemesis's panties, Info-chan will respond with, "Wait...I recognize those panties! This person is extremely dangerous! Avoid her at all costs!"
  • She is the only character that can kill Yandere-chan.
  • When she was first introduced, Nemesis was referred to as 'Nemesis-chan'.[4] YandereDev has since confirmed that her official name is 'Nemesis'; he chose this because he thought the name 'Nemesis' sounded far more ominous.[5]
  • Nemesis is the name of the Greek goddess of revenge and divine retribution and the word for someone's arch-enemy.
  • YandereDev imagines that, when Nemesis is disguised as a student, the original student was knocked out and stuffed into a container on their way to school.[6]
  • It's possible that she wields a ceramic knife in order to not be detected by the metal detector.[7]
  • On his blog, YandereDev has decided to change Nemesis' current hairstyle, as the artist of the illustration he took inspiration from was uncomfortable with how similar the current Nemesis and her illustration was.[8]
    • As of the January 16th, 2017 Build, her hairstyle is now the third option that fans voted for.
  • Nemesis' temporary hair model was the 'Bobcat' hairstyle without the tufts.
  • Her backstory may be revealed in a manga or through a Mission Mode campaign.[9]