Staff Info
Role Unknown
Occupation Nurse
Club Faculty[1]
Age Adult
Persona Heroic[2]
Crush Unknown
Strength Fights back; Strength unknown
Appears Unknown

The Nurse is an NPC and a member of the school faculty.

While the regular nurse is on vacation on Week 6, Muja Kina will substitute for him/her.


As they are not fully implemented, their appearance is unknown.


As they are not fully implemented, their routine is unknown. They will mainly work in the infirmary.


The syringe and the tranquilizer will be in the infirmary. It will be difficult to obtain these because the nurse will keep them in a locked container, to prevent students from using them. To find out where the key is, a student's food will have to be poisoned so that the nurse has to retrieve the key to get some medicine. The player can then find the key and acquire the syringe and tranquilizer.[3]

Since the nurse is heroic, they will run up to Yandere-chan and try to apprehend her if she commits murder. It is unknown how strong they are.


  • The game will randomly generate a regular nurse to replace the previous one if they die.
  • In the future, students may run for the nurse instead of a teacher if a student is poisoned or drowning.[4]