Ayano pickpocketing uekiya - may 11th

Yandere-chan pickpocketing Uekiya.

Pickpocketing is a game mechanic which allows Yandere-chan to obtain items that are carried by other NPCs.


Yandere-chan is currently only able to pickpocket two NPCs: Nasu Kankoshi and Uekiya Engeika.

In order to pickpocket someone, Yandere-chan must stand behind the target. When they've stopped walking, a timer will show the player how long they have left before the target starts moving again.

Pickpocketing timer - may 11th

The timer.

Once Yandere-chan has started to pickpocket an NPC, a series of button prompts will appear. If the player completes all of these prompts correctly before the timer runs out, Yandere-chan will successfully steal the item. If the player makes a mistake or runs out of time, the NPC will notice and scold Yandere-chan, and her reputation will drop by ten points.

If Yandere-chan is caught pickpocketing by Nasu Kankoshi, she will be expelled.


Currently, only two items can be pickpocketed: the shed key and a key to a cabinet in the Infirmary.

  • Shed key: The shed key can be stolen from Uekiya Engeika while she is doing her rounds around the Gardening Club. However, the other Gardening Club members will alert her if they see Yandere-chan trying to steal the keys.
  • Infirmary cabinet key: To obtain the emetic poison, the Infirmary cabinet key can be stolen from Nasu Kankoshi while she is walking around the Infirmary.


I don't know what you're trying to do, but if it's supposed to be a joke, it's not funny.
— Reaction to the player being caught pickpocketing.