The Plaza. December 19th, 2017.

The plaza is a park-like area located at Akademi High School.


Current Appearance

The plaza is currently in the middle of the main building. There are four walkways and four doors leading there. The fountain is located at the center. Surrounding the plaza are four cherry trees that have petals gently falling from them onto the ground, and two light brown benches flank each tree. There are eight benches in total.

First Appearance

There was a small test plaza available only in the May 24th, 2015 Build. It had a fake fountain in the middle, a grey walkway, and two fake vending machines to the right. Towards the end of the plaza, there was a small stairway which led to more fake tables. Fake bushes and shrubs surrounded the area. It was eventually removed in later builds.



The plaza during gossiping periods. December 19th, 2017.

Students gossip here before class. Mei Mio, Saki Miyu, Kokona Haruka, Yuna Hina, Koharu Hinata, and Yui Rio gossip on the left side of the fountain, if facing away from the school gates. Sota Yuki, Ryusei Koki, Riku Soma, Haruto Yuto, Hayato Haruki and Sora Sosuke gossip on the right. Senpai sits on the fountain on the northern side in the morning. If a Social Butterfly witnesses murder in the morning and their group is in the plaza, they will flee there and hide among the students.

Students in the Occult Club will pass through here to get to the Occult Club Room.

Rival-chan stands under a cherry tree on the northeastern side of the plaza. Senpai will also sit on the fountain during lunchtime instead of going to the cafeteria. Because a fountain is located here, Yandere-chan is able to drown Kokona Haruka if a note is written and placed in her locker, asking her to meet Yandere-chan there.


"Oh, Senpai...when will you notice how I feel about you?"

On Wednesday at 1:03 PM, Kokona Haruka will walk down to the plaza with her lunch. Once she arrives, she will place her lunch down on the bench and will hide behind a tree to admire Senpai and prepare her love declaration to him. During her small speech, Yandere-chan can poison her lunch. She will then eat her lunch, and if it's poisoned, she will choke and die at 1:15 PM. When lunch is over, the students will go back to their designated classrooms.


  • The plaza was implemented in the November 15th, 2015 Build.
  • It is impossible to murder all the students here without receiving a Senpai caused Game Over, because of how close Senpai is to the students. The player won't get a game over if Yandere-chan is wearing a mask.
  • Pressing 6 in the debug commands used to teleport Yandere-chan to this area.