Second sprite art for rejection, from "Yandere Simulator: Past, Present, and Future".

Rejection is a way to eliminate rivals non-lethally in Yandere Simulator. It is currently unprogrammed.

Senpai is not able to fall in love with rivals on his own accord. He will start to develop a crush on a rival if she has five interaction events with him. Once a day, there will be an "event" with Senpai, with the final event being a love confession. Yandere-chan will be able to sabotage each event.[1] If she sabotages all five events, Senpai will reject the rival's love confession. Sabotaging four or less will make the outcome depend on the reputation of the rival.[2]

Damaging a rival's reputation by gossiping about them is also another way to make Senpai reject her love confession, as Senpai can never love someone with a low reputation.

It may be possible in the future to provoke a rival enough for them to attack Yandere-chan in front of Senpai, so that he can see and reject the rival.[3]


  • In the full game, if Senpai has to reject many rivals because he can't get along with any girl he meets, then he will worry that he will never find a partner.[4]