Promo Concept

Promo Concept

Promo concept for the SNAP function.

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The SNAP option.

"SNAP" is the fourth option the player has upon receiving a Game Over. It is currently unprogrammed.

Clicking the option will do nothing, as it is only a placeholder for an upcoming game feature. Any SNAP features are unavailable because there are no animations,[1] no new voiced lines, and no male animation control rig.[2] Due to this, its purpose is unknown. When SNAP is finished, it might be partially interactive and partially cinematic.[3]

A promo concept video was shown on February 14th, 2016 showcasing more of SNAP Mode. In the video, when the rival gives her confession to Senpai, Yandere-chan flies into a rage, killing the rival, then Senpai, then herself before collapsing in a pool of blood. YandereDev has said that it both is and isn't SNAP mode.[4]


Bloody animated

Yandere-chan after pressing SNAP in the video.

  • The finished demo will feature SNAP.[5]
  • YandereDev would rather show off the feature with a video than describe it on Twitter.[6]
  • Not much has been revealed, but Yandere-chan will "break" mentally.[7]
  • It is entirely possible that YandereAni knows what SNAP does.[8]
  • The SNAP option was featured in YandereDev's YouTube video "E-mail, Volunteers, and Progress - Part 2". He is seen pressing the SNAP option after being angered by Midori. After pressing this option, both the drawing of Yandere-chan and the floor are splattered in blood.
  • If Yandere-chan is knocked into a comatose Game Over by a delinquent, she will not be able to SNAP.
  • YandereDev stated in an old blog post that he would like Yandere Simulator Game Over to actually be a playable sequence. For example, if Yandere-chan's reputation drops to -100, she is given the option to either reload a previous save, or keep playing, but now to kill Senpai, and then kill herself. If she can’t have him, nobody should be able to have him.[9] It is unknown if this relates to SNAP itself.
  • In one of Druelbozo's Twitch streams, he compared SNAP to having a Golden Tanooki Suit from Super Mario 3D Land if the player dies enough.
  • The way SNAP will play out will be different depending on the circumstances that caused it. For example, snapping after a rival's love confession and snapping while being arrested by the police would involve different events, but would have very similar outcomes.[10]


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