2-21-2016 Atmospheres

The 3 atmospheres. February 21st, 2016.

The final game won't be this dark all the time...unless you want it to be.
— YandereDev, "Eavesdropping, Notes in Lockers, and Faking Suicide".[1]

The School Atmosphere is an important feature in Yandere Simulator that determines how characters at school behave after certain events.

Depending on Yandere-chan's actions, the School Atmosphere will change, and by extension, the difficulty of overall gameplay will be impacted.

If Yandere-chan commits murder and doesn't dispose of the corpses, or leaves other forms of evidence, the School Atmosphere will decrease. Characters will have their cone of vision increased, and will give increased reputation penalties, should they see something suspicious. In the future, students may lock their lockers when increasingly paranoid.[2]

Stages of School Atmosphere

High Atmosphere

Students during high School Atmosphere all have a short range of sight, and will give Yandere-chan a lower reputation penalty of ten points if she is caught committing a criminal, inappropriate, or suspicious act. When passing by Yandere-chan, they will overlook her sanity, uniform, and any weapons visibly held unless she is fairly close by. They will react to screams only from short distances, making it easier to murder people. Normal School Atmosphere is between 100-70%.

Medium Atmosphere

Students during medium School Atmosphere will notice weapons and criminal activity faster than on high School Atmosphere. Yandere-chan's reputation drops by fifteen points when caught doing criminal activities. Students will react to screams from longer distances, making it slightly harder to murder students. Medium School Atmosphere is between 69-21%. Students are more aware, but not yet fully paranoid.

Low Atmosphere

When School Atmosphere is 20% or lower, the environment is much darker, making it hard to see from a distance. The music is warped and off-beat. Students are very paranoid in this stage, and will react more quickly to dangerous situations. Yandere-chan's reputation drops by twenty points when she is caught doing criminal activities, so it will take longer to regain positive reputation. It may be possible in the future to hear thunder sound effects in this atmosphere.[3] Security cameras and metal detectors will be installed.

After the Demonic Ritual has been completed, the School Atmosphere will automatically be at 20%.

At its lowest point, the school atmosphere can resemble a horror game. After all, at its core, Yandere Simulator is a horror game...where you are the monster.
— YandereDev, "Eavesdropping, Notes in Lockers, and Faking Suicide"


Paranoid NPCs are constantly looking around, thus increasing their cone of vision. They are continuously trying to spot the criminal. When caught in criminal activities, Yandere-chan's reputation decreases dramatically. Students will also react to bloodstains, weapons, and other suspicious activity from far distances, making it very difficult to murder a student without being caught.

Teachers are also programmed to be paranoid during low School Atmosphere. The majority of the students and teachers in school will be affected, with the exception of Budo Masuta (unless the club disbands), Uekiya Engeika, Kaga Kusha, Itachi Zametora, Kyoshi Taiso, the Sleuths and the Bullies.

In the future, footstep sounds will make it much harder to sneak up on a paranoid student. Yandere-chan will have to either crouch or crawl up to them to stay undetected. There may be different paranoid animations as well, depending on the level of atmosphere.[4]


Main Article: Sleuth

They are harmless if School Atmosphere is high, but the more it lowers, the more dangerous they get. When School Atmosphere is low, sleuths will start to be on the lookout for any criminal activity. If they catch Yandere-chan committing any crimes, they will take a picture and immediately send it to the police, resulting in an instant Game Over. If Yandere-chan is part of the Photography Club, they will not suspect her.

Restoring School Atmosphere

To restore this feature back to normal, Yandere-chan must not perform any suspicious activities, which helps the School Atmosphere over time. After about a week without suspicious activity, School Atmosphere can come back from 0% to 100%. This has not been implemented yet as the School Atmosphere will not rise each peaceful day.[5]

In the future, there will be a more active way to restore School Atmosphere, such as framing a rival. When someone is framed and arrested, the School Atmosphere will return to 100% as the students believe the killer has been caught.

YandereDev stated that in the full game, School Atmosphere will carry over from week to week.[5]

Starting Screen

The calendar will change as the School Atmosphere drops. At normal School Atmosphere, the calendar shows a bright sun at 100%. As School Atmosphere declines, the sun in the calendar becomes more overcast and the pink background will start to turn grey.

Loading Screen

The icon of Yandere-chan will change as School Atmosphere drops. At normal School Atmosphere, a small Yandere-chan running with a knife will be displayed. At low School Atmosphere, a small, bloody Yandere-chan stabbing a deceased Rival-chan will be displayed.

Decreasing School Atmosphere

  • Student's body left on school grounds: Decreases Atmosphere by ten points, with an additional 10 points for each additional body.
  • Student's suicide (when a body is left on campus): Decreases Atmosphere by ten points.
  • Teacher's body left on school grounds: Decreases Atmosphere by twenty points.
  • Student goes missing without explanation and is kidnapped Decreases Atmosphere by five points.
  • Student Council member is killed: Decreases Atmosphere to 0%. This drastic School Atmosphere change cannot be fixed and School Atmosphere will remain at 0%.

The player can also manually change the School Atmosphere by pressing the A key in the debug commands. Pressing it will have the feature go through a cycle. It changes the School Atmosphere to 70%, then 40%, then 0%, and it repeats.


  • After Yandere-chan is chased and gets pinned to the ground at medium or low School Atmosphere, her body will return to color.
  • NPCs with an incomplete AI will not be affected by this feature.
  • If there is an interruption to the rival confession scene on Friday (Such as a body being found), the game will immediately restart to Monday and the School Atmosphere will be set at 0%. When arriving at school though, the School Atmosphere will be at 100%.


  • School Atmosphere was implemented in the September 1st, 2015 Build.
  • When fog was tested for School Atmosphere, it severely decreased the frame rate. The fog also clipped into walls. This couldn't be fixed, so it was eventually removed.[6]
  • In future builds, the social media page for Akademi High School may get negative comments/reviews if the School Atmosphere is low.[7]
  • There is a reason why the students will still come to school even if there is a serial killer on the loose, but YandereDev has not released the information why this happens yet.[8]
  • While School Atmosphere may affect gameplay, it will not affect any of the final game's endings.[9]
  • Students in low School Atmosphere might walk with their phones out, "trying to snap a picture of the elusive killer."[10]
  • There won't be any storms in low School Atmosphere because the raining will wash away the blood for Yandere-chan. Low School Atmosphere is meant to be disadvantageous.[3] This idea may have changed since then, as it may now rain in the game in the future.[11]
  • In the future, it might be possible to disable School Atmosphere with a cheat code, but it would disable all achievements, collectibles, rewards, and challenges.[12]
  • The students will always be shaking in low School Atmosphere except when performing any action that requires physical movement.
  • Murdered teachers will lower the School Atmosphere more than murdered students.[13]
  • When pools of blood are left on school grounds in a future build, students will react differently depending on the atmosphere.[14]
    • High: Comment, keep walking.
    • Medium: Comment, look around.
    • Low: Tell a teacher.
  • If a town is implemented, YandereDev says that it would make sense if they had two different kinds of Atmospheres.[15]
  • Missing posters will appear when students have gone missing.



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