Shisuta Town is the offscreen sister town of Buraza Town.[1]


The appearance of the town is unknown as it has never been shown.


This town was first mentioned in the August 12th, 2015 Build. The player can hear the name be mentioned on Monday at 7:40 AM when Kokona Haruka has her phone call event. According to the phone call, Kokona is engaged in compensated dating with a man in that town. The last time they met was in this town, and they planned to meet again that night.

There is one school in Shisuta Town, but it has little significance to the plot.[2]



Yui and Yuna commenting on Kokona's compensated dating.

  • Yui Rio says on the Internet that she has seen Kokona and the man date before in Shisuta Town. Yuna Hina says on the Internet that she had seen Kokona engaging in compensated dating in Shisuta Town the previous week.
  • The player will never be able to visit this town.[3]
  • Shisuta is "sister" when read in Japanese phonetics.
    • It used to be called "Sisuta Town" before being renamed to Shisuta Town in the November 15th, 2015 Build. It was changed because there was a slight error in relation to the Japanese pronunciation of "sister".[4]