The Sleuth may be an upcoming persona in Yandere Simulator.


YandereDev has stated that all of the members of the Photography Club, aside from the player, will have the Sleuth persona. Their behavior changes with the School Atmosphere.

  • If the School Atmosphere is high, the members will joke around, being harmless to the player.
  • If the atmosphere is low, the members will start acting serious and discuss the corpses, blood stains, and missing students around the school.
  • If the atmosphere is very low, the members will be dead serious about catching the perpetrator. They will actively search for the criminal and take whatever photos they can, making them a threat to the player. If they catch Yandere-chan in the middle of a crime, they will take a photo and send it to the police, resulting in an automatic Game Over. They may stand guard near a corpse, similar to a teacher.[1]

It will not be easy to kill them for several reasons.[2] One reason is that they will always travel in a group.[3]

Their only blind spot is that the club members trust each other so much, that they could never fathom the idea that one of their members is a serial killer. Joining the Photography Club means that the Sleuths will let their guard down around Yandere-chan.

1980s Mode

Main Article: 1980s Mode

In the 1980s Mode, the Sleuths will be more difficult to defeat. Once they take a picture of the player, they will immediately dash out of the school and show the picture to the police, which will be an instant game over. If there is a small town ever implemented, the player can chase down the sleuth as they are running to the station. If they make it before the player can catch up to them, they will lock the door, which will be another game over. The player cannot murder a sleuth within five meters of the police anyway, as they will still see.

Another way to make sleuths in the mode easier to defeat is for them to simply run to a guidance counselor, but it will still be an instant game over if they make it.[4]



  • Even if the Photography Club has been disbanded, the members will still retain their Sleuth persona.[3]
  • In "Personalities and Photography in Yandere Simulator", YandereDev considers the Sleuth persona to be the most dangerous to the player.
  • It may be possible that in the future, the students with this persona might set up security cameras to catch the criminal. If the school refuses to do it, the amateurs will take it into their own hands.[5]
  • In the future, if a heroic student witnesses enough corpses or murder, they will change into this persona.[6]
  • YandereDev mentioned that students with the Sleuth persona in 1980s Mode will work differently.[7]