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Spiky Pompadour
Student Info
Role Delinquent
Class Unknown
Club Unknown
Age Teenager
Persona Delinquents' Persona
Crush Unknown
Strength Unknown
Appears Week 1 (Debug)
Voice Alejandro Saab[1]

Spiky Pompadour (placeholder name) is a delinquent and a male student who currently attends Akademi High School. As he isn't fully implemented, Info-chan will not recognize him.


Spiky wears the default male school uniform, regardless of customization.

He has a pompadour hairstyle with spiky hair on the back of his head. Spiky's eyes are gray and he has a menacing face. He uses a baseball bat as a weapon.

In the future, he may get a unique scar.[2]


Among the personas currently in the game, Spiky has the delinquents' persona. If the player gets too close to him, he will shove them away. If Yandere-chan tries to attack him, he will attack her and put her in a coma. If she has a weapon out, he will assume a menacing stance, ready to fight.


Currently, he spawns by the left side of the disposal area at 7:15 AM. He disappears at 8:30 AM and returns at 1:15 PM. He disappears again at 1:30 PM, this time for the rest of the day.

YandereDev wants him to arrive at class late, like other future delinquents.[3]



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He will only interact with Yandere-chan if her reputation is low.[4] He will not help Yandere-chan with murder, nor will he take the blame for it.[5]

Osoro Shidesu

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He is one of Osoro Shidesu's cronies and will always be right by her.[6]



  • He was implemented in the March 2nd, 2016 Build.
  • Spiky keeps his identity hidden so that it is harder to link him to his crimes.[7]