The storage rooms are six rooms across Akademi High School, some of which have unique purposes.

First Appearance

There was only one storage room that was located in the third room to the left in the gym. It was well furnished, but had many props that Yandere-chan could walk through. It contained the instrument case used for kidnapping. This room was later removed in the November 15th, 2015 Build.

Second Appearance

Storage Room

An average storage room.

The storage rooms' second appearance is a small room with no windows, and a beige floor with grey trimming on the sides. Most rooms are completely empty, save for a few exceptions.

On the northwest side of the first floor, there is the storage room which contains a black instrument case. In the future, Yandere-chan will need to get a Panty Shot Favor from Info-chan for the case to be in the room, rather than it being there by default.[1]

Unlike most other rooms inside the school, there are no external labels to signify the identity of storage rooms.


Most of the storage rooms currently serve no real purpose. The rooms cannot be used to hide bodies, as Yandere-chan cannot lock the doors.[2]


The kidnapping checklist.

June 3rd, 2016.The northwest storage room on the first floor can be used for kidnapping. When walking in the room, a checklist will appear on the left side of the screen. The checklist verifies whether Yandere-chan is in possession of a tranquilizer, her biology stats are at level 2, the follower is female, a syringe is currently being held in the hand, and the door is closed. Yandere-chan must go through all the necessary steps before coming into this room to tranquilize someone. She cannot leave the room or pick up the tranquilized student until they are put inside the instrument case.

Yandere-chan can also write a note to Kokona Haruka, asking if she can meet the player in the kidnapping storage room. There they can kidnap Kokona or offer help for her problems, as of the June 6th, 2016 Build.

Easter Eggs

Video Games

Cardboard Box

As of the May 19th, 2017 Build, there is a cardboard box inside the room that Yandere-chan can "hide" in. This is a reference to the cardboard box stealth mechanic in the Metal Gear series. The player can remove it by pressing the Left Control key.


The northeast storage room on the first floor can be used to view an Undertale Easter Egg by examining the cheese. Some text will appear on the HUD saying, "Knowing the mouse might one day leave its hole and get the cheese...It fills you with determination". After checking the cheese, if Yandere-chan walks into the Occult Club, the skull on the altar will have a glowing blue eye.


As of the October 1st, 2017 Build, there is a golden C on one of the shelves, pressing the E key when prompted will scroll Yandere-chan through several of the Crush Crush characters. These models can be combined with other accessories.


On a shelf to the left side of the room, there is a poem by Laina Morris reading:
"Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
Be my Valentine.
I'm waiting for you.

Blood is red.
Bruises are blue.
Don't say no."
Pressing the E key when prompted with scroll Yandere-chan through the girls from the game "Doki Doki Literature Club", a HUD will also appear informing the player of what character from the game Yandere-chan resembles. These models can be combined with other accessories.


There are 7 YouTuber-related accessories for Yandere-chan. They are located in the northeast storage room on the first floor. These accessories include a unicorn horn, Markplier's pink mustache, Samgladiator's bunny ears, VeggieGamer's carrot, Jay from the Kubz Scouts sunglasses, Bijuu Mike's Scrub-chan, and TheNyanCave's NyanDroid. These accessories cannot be removed until the day is restarted.


  • The player cannot dismember a tranquilized student in this room as of the February 17th, 2016 Build. If the player tried to dismember a tranquilized body in the update prior, the game would spawn infinite bald heads that would fill up the room and crash the game.