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Super Yandere 64 is a parody game of Super Mario 64.

It was released as an April Fools 2015 parody, along with Hateful Mode and Kuudere Simulator.[1] The protagonist is a yandere. There is no way to win this game, but the player can collect coins, stomp on enemies, and die. The game features a recreation of Bob-omb Battlefield, the first world of Super Mario 64.

It can be downloaded here.

Super Yandere 64

Super Yandere 64


Object Super Mario 64 Super Yandere 64
Chain Chomp The Chain Chomp is present and tied to the stake. The Chain Chomp is not present, but the stake is still in the ground.
Game Over When Mario dies, the game over screen appears with a Bowser wipe transition. When Yandere-chan dies, the game over screen appears with a heart wipe transition.
Breakable boxes The breakable boxes in the level were bricks and could only be broken by Mario. The breakable boxes are now crates and can be broken by Yandere-chan.
Boss After reaching the top of the spiral mountain, the player would have to fight King Bob-omb. There is no King Bob-omb present.
Voice Mario would make his masculine sound effects when doing various actions. Yandere-chan makes similar noises, but more higher pitched and feminine.
Star After fighting the Bomb King, Mario would collect the star to win. There is no way to win in this game, as there is no star.
Red Coins In Super Mario 64, if Mario collected seven red coins, he could collect an extra star. The red coins in this game are now silver, and only offer extra money when collected.
100 Coins If Mario collected 100 coins, he could gain an extra star. If Yandere-chan collected 100 coins, she will turn invincible. Any enemies destroyed would generate extra coins.
Jail Cell In Super Mario 64, a Chain Chomp guarded this cell. A star was located inside the cell, and it could only be accessed by releasing the Chain Chomp or by going invisible and passing through the gates. The jail cell has some broken bars that the player can jump through. Extra coins are located there.
Bridge The bridge right by the Chain Chomp was a see-saw. The bridge in Super Yandere 64 had an appearance of a realistic bridge and was not affected by where the player was standing on it.
Health If Mario took damage, his health would appear in the top center. If Yandere-chan takes damage, her health would appear in the top right corner.
Red Bom-ombs In Mario, the red Bomb-ombs were smaller and could be talked to. The red Bomb-ombs are the size of the player and cannot be talked to.


  • 999 gold coins is the maximum number of coins that can be held.
  • According to YandereDev, the reason why Nintendo may not take legal action against him for making this game is because the game is free.[2]
  • Super Yandere 64 is a reskin of the Super Mario 64 HD fan remake.