Tapes are a semi-important feature in Yandere Simulator. Their main function is to tell lore during gameplay.

There are currently 13 tapes in total, out of which 11 are hidden around the school. The 12th and 13th tape are found in Yandere-chan's basement. When walking up to a tape, the player can press E (PC) or A (controller) to pick up the tape, it will not show up in Yandere-chan's inventory.

The tapes can be played in the cassette player in the Computer Lab, located on the third floor. Before a tape plays, the player is able to use the left and right keys to select the category of tapes the player desires to listen to: the Mysterious Tapes, Basement Tapes, or Headmaster’s Tapes. While a tape is playing, the left and right arrow keys are used to rewind or fast forward, E to pause, and Q to stop the tape from playing. No time passes in-game when a tape is playing.

If there are parts of the story that can't be revealed by normal gameplay, more cassette tapes will be added.[1] They do not have a direct impact on gameplay and are just there for the player to learn about the game's lore and backstory.[2]

There are signal bars in the right top corner of Yandere-chan's phone which indicate how close the player is to a tape. Five bars means the player is close to a tape; zero bars means the opposite.


Very close to a tape.

Basement Tapes

Main Article: Basement Tapes

The Basement Tapes are told from a third-person perspective, describing the relationship of Ryoba Aishi and her senpai. These tapes are based around after Ryoba kidnapped her Senpai up to right before the start of the game.

Mysterious Tapes

Main Article: Mysterious Tapes

The Mysterious Tapes are narrated by The Journalist who talks about his past. The tapes are based around when Ryoba was in high school.

Headmaster's Tapes

Main Article: Headmaster's Tapes

The Headmaster's Tapes are told from Kocho Shuyona's perspective, they elaborate on Kocho and the lore of the school.[3]

CEO's Tapes

The CEO's Tapes are mentioned in a chart listing all factors that will effect the ending of the game. If there were a small town, there is a conceivable reason for the tapes to be there.[4] There is no guarantee that they will be implemented, as they are unnecessary.[5]


Genka's Tapes

Genka's tapes will reveal her side story with Osoro Shidesu and the delinquents.[6] These recordings will possibly be .mp3 computer files instead of physical tapes.[7]


  • The Mysterious Tapes were first shown off in "August 1st Build Delayed". All the Mysterious Tapes were implemented in the August 12th, 2015 Build.
  • Instead of tapes, there used to be an original plan where Yandere-chan would learn about the murders through scattered newspaper articles.[8]
  • In the future, there may be diary pages along with the tapes.[9]
  • According to the video "January Osana Progress Report - Part 2", finding all of the tapes will affect the games ending.
  • No time passes when listening to the tapes.



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