6-29-2016 Teachers in Faculty Room

The teachers of Akademi High School. June 29th, 2016.

Teachers are minor characters in Yandere Simulator. They help enforce the school rules of Akademi High.


"After an incident in 1989, the Japanese public began to associate Akademi High with the thought of murder, and enrollment rates dropped sharply.

In order to restore the school's reputation as a safe place for higher learning, the Headmaster mandated that all faculty members take courses in self-defense.

As a result, every staff member at Akademi High - from the teachers to the nurses to the guidance counselor - is capable of defending themselves against a direct assault from an armed attacker."[1]


Currently, all the class teachers have the same bust size of 1.5. Every teacher wears a white shirt, a black blazer, black leggings, and black high heels ornamented with blue bows. They also have slightly different shades of brown hair.

Before the October 8th, 2015 Build, all the teachers had a brown ponytail identical to Yandere-chan's. Their eyes were the same color as their hair, and they didn't have glasses.

After that build came out, the teachers had a unique hairstyle; their hair was in a bun with different shades of brown varying from teacher to teacher. They wore black framed glasses and their eyes were the same shade of brown.

As of the March 31st, 2016 Build, a Gym Teacher by the name of Kyoshi Taiso has been added to the game. She stands near the school entrance, before and after school. As of the June 29th, 2016 Build, she will patrol the Faculty Room during class time and lunchtime.

As of the February 1st, 2016 Build, all of the teachers have their own individual hairstyles. Reina Nana's hairstyle, however, has not changed since the October 8th, 2015 Build.

After a teacher has seen a corpse, her pupils will shrink, similar to "mentally scarred" students.

There will be one teacher that will be a stereotypical anime teacher with a tight skirt, high heels, and lipstick. It's been YandereDev's vision to have this type of teacher since the very beginning.[2]

As of the August 15th, 2016 Build, when a teacher is killed, she will be replaced the next day by a randomly-generated teacher with a random hairstyle, hair color, bust size, name, and surname, but with the same stats, clothes, and accessories of the dead teacher.


Every teacher's persona will be Strict, likely with no exceptions.[3] Teachers will refer to Yandere-chan by her surname or full name.[4]

If Yandere-chan is late for a class, her teacher will scold her. The intensity of the scolding depends on how late she was. The player will also get fewer study points to use for that class period.

They are one of the few characters that Yandere-chan cannot normally interact with or kill, unlike students. If Yandere-chan tries to kill a teacher without at least one level in Physical Education, she will grab Yandere-chan's hand and pin her to the ground, resulting in the "Apprehended" Game Over screen. She is able to kill teachers by spending study points on the Physical Education stat. If she joins the Martial Arts Club, she will be able to automatically kill a teacher.

If a student with the Teacher's Pet persona witnesses Yandere-chan murder another student or spots a dead body, they will run to their own teacher and report what they saw. The teacher will run with the student to where the Teacher's Pet saw the dead body.

Fight with teacher. August 15th, 2016.

Yandere-chan struggling against Kyoshi Taiso. August 15th, 2016.

The same thing happens when there is a poisoned student, although a student with any persona can report to a teacher. In the future, students might report to the nurse instead when someone is badly injured.[5]

If the body is still there or within close sight, the teacher will call the police. The teacher will then guard the corpse, making it impossible to move the corpse without her noticing Yandere-chan. When the teacher guards a corpse, she will scan the perimeter left and right, increasing her range of sight. If Yandere-chan appears suspicious around the corpse that the teacher is currently guarding, she will yell at Yandere-chan and chase after her. If the teacher catches Yandere-chan, she will be pinned down, causing an instant Game Over.

However, if the body is quickly moved out of sight before the teacher gets there, she will conclude that it was just a prank, scold the student for wasting her time and leave the student behind. At this point, that student will be mentally scarred.

As of the October 8th, 2015 Build, Yandere-chan can ask a student to distract a teacher for a couple of seconds. She can then kill any students in that classroom without the teacher's interference. She can also gossip about a teacher to a student to damage their reputation; however, Yandere-chan will refer to her as a student.

Teacher finding a bloodstain.

As of the December 2nd, 2015 Build, teachers will call the police at the end of the day if they find a pool of blood or a bloody weapon on school grounds. They will also call the police if Yandere-chan tries to attend class and hasn't cleaned up the evidence.

As of the June 29th, 2016 Build, teachers will stay in the Faculty Room while class is not in session. Kyoshi Taiso will stay in the room during class time and lunchtime.

In the future, teachers will be able to pick up dangerous weapons lying on the ground and carry them to a safer area. [6] They will eventually investigate death screams as well.[7]

General Routine

  1. Begin the day in the faculty room, grading papers.
  2. Leave the faculty room when class begins. Kyoshi Taiso will then take over watching the faculty room.
  3. Repeat until 3:30 pm, when classes are over.
  4. Continue grading papers until the end of the day.


As members of the faculty, teachers have the ability to expel Yandere-chan. This will lead to the "Expelled" Game Over, as Yandere-chan will no longer be allowed into the school. If the player is in the Occult Club, it will take longer for teachers to notice Yandere-chan's unruly behavior.

  • If Yandere-chan is spotted by a teacher while bloody, laughing insanely, carrying a weapon, visibly insane, or taking panty shots, she will be expelled from school.
    • In the future, Yandere-chan will get expelled for Public Indecency.[8]
  • If Yandere-chan enters another teacher's class while their class is in session, the teacher will tell her to leave the room. If she doesn't exit a teacher’s class after being told four times to leave, the teacher will take disciplinary measures against her, leading to expulsion.
  • If a teacher witnesses Yandere-chan murder a student or has realized that she is the murderer, the teacher will immediately chase her and pin her down if she is caught. All teachers are currently faster than Yandere-chan, unless Yandere-chan is in a certain easter egg mode where she can outrun them.
  • If a teacher sees Yandere-chan stealing an answer sheet, she will be expelled.

Teachers' Names


  • A dismembered teacher will always be clad in the female student uniform.
  • If Rino Fuka is killed using Cirno, Falcon, Ebola, Punch, or Cyborg Mode, and Yandere-chan is late to class, the teacher's voice clip scolding her for being late will still play.
  • If Yandere-chan uses an Easter Egg to kill a teacher while she is working in the faculty room and picks up the body, the teacher's chair will follow her as she runs. If the teacher was holding an exam paper when she was killed, the paper will follow Yandere-chan as well.
  • When Yandere-chan is getting caught by having a cleaning supply while is not the cleaning time, teachers doesn't have a line about cleaning supplies so the teacher is speechless and she is still sending Yandere-chan to the counselor office, when she is send to the counselor office, Genko is repeting herself twice and Yandere-chan thinks that the cleaning mop it was a weapon. [9]


  • Teachers were implemented in the May 3rd, 2015 Build.
  • The teachers in the game are voiced by Rachael Messer.[10]
  • NPCs will react to teacher deaths the same way they would react to student deaths, except with different voiced lines; this has not been implemented yet.[11]
  • Teachers will quiver in place when the school atmosphere is low.
  • Interestingly, in the game's files, teachers' portraits are listed as students instead of their own separate NPC.
  • When Yandere-chan murders a student, and a teacher chases her, she can't kill any more students.
  • The teachers' names are a reference to the top female Japanese names of 2012.[12][13]
  • Spooky Mode, DK Mode, and Titan Mode affect teachers.
  • There is a long line of teachers that would jump at the opportunity to begin working there at a moment's notice because it is a very famous school, which is why there is always a new teacher, the day after the old teacher has been killed.[14]
  • There is no secret ending if Yandere-chan is being chased by a teacher and the police timer runs out. If she has no evidence of murder on her, then she will be able to progress through the week as with any other murder. If the player character has any incriminating details on her that relate to her kills, then she will be arrested. This happens in any current situation where a teacher is chasing Yandere-chan.
  • In the future, when School Atmosphere is low and a student spots blood, they will tell a teacher.[15]
  • If Yandere-chan walks into class with a bloody uniform, a suspicious weapon, and low sanity, the teacher will notice her bloody uniform first.
  • One of the teachers is planned to have a very dark secret. YandereDev has not stated who that teacher is, or what their secret is.[16]
  • The reason why Yandere-chan gets expelled if she laughs insanely in front of a teacher is that it's the equivalent of being a class clown. She is being unacceptably disruptive.[17]
  • In the future, Yandere-chan may be able to report corpses to a teacher, but if she does this, the day will end and she will miss many important events during the rest of the school day, making this purely an immersion feature.[18]
  • Before the events of 1980s Mode, there was a murder at Akademi High which prompted the school to force faculty members to undergo self-defense training.[19]
  • In the future, three of the female teachers may be replaced by male teachers.[20]
  • Teachers run 7.5 meters per second. In the future, their speed will be whatever Yandere-chan's current speed is, but always one meter faster.[21]


What are you doing, carrying something like that around!? Have fun explaining this to the guidance counselor!
— After catching Yandere-chan holding a weapon.
What in the world happened to you?! Have you been fighting with other students?! The counselor will deal with this!
— After catching Yandere-chan covered in blood.
That kind of behavior is completely unacceptable! I believe that a trip to the guidance counselor is in order!
— After catching Yandere-chan being visibly insane or laughing.
I saw that! You disgusting pervert! That's absolutely unacceptable!
— After catching Yandere-chan taking panty shots.
Are you lost? Do you have a reason to be here?/I'm very sorry, but you can't be here. I have to ask you to leave./You clearly don't have any business here. You need to go someplace else now./You are causing a disruption. You're going to be in big trouble if you don't get out.
— When warning Yandere-chan to leave a certain room, either the faculty or a classroom while class is in session, organized from the first to the last warning.
This type of conduct will not be tolerated! You're going to the guidance counselor's office right away!
— After running out of patience with Yandere-chan for not leaving the certain room.
Just what do you think you're doing?
— After resisting Yandere-chan's attack before pinning her to the ground.
Please, try to make it to class on time. Take your seat./If you're late for class, I must mark you as absent. This will affect your grades./You obviously don't care about your education./Why do you even come to school?
— After being late for class, organized by lateness.
Dead? Lead me to them!
— After being informed by a student with the Teacher's Pet personality about what he witnessed.
No! It can't be...
— After discovering a corpse.
This is a tragedy... Why would anyone do this/How could this happen? I'll call the police immediately.../I'll call the paramedics immediately... There's been a murder/death at Akademi High School... I need the police here right away!/We need help right away!
— Calling the police/paramedics after discovering a corpse.
TeacherPoliceReport (2)
That blood... So it was YOU!
— After Yandere-chan shows up at the scene of the crime covered in blood, before chasing her.
That weapon... So it was YOU!
— After Yandere-chan shows up at the scene of the crime carrying a weapon, before chasing her.
There's no doubt... It was YOU!
— After Yandere-chan shows up at the scene of the crime insane, before chasing her.
So, was this just a prank? I don't think it's very funny. Don't waste my time like this again.
— Concluding that a Teacher's Pet's murder report was a prank if no evidence is found.
What have you done?!/How could you?!/Stop right now!
— After catching Yandere-chan killing a student or dragging a corpse in front of her, followed by her chasing down Yandere-chan.
Put that down! Did you think you could get away with stealing? There will be serious consequences for this!
— After catching Yandere-chan stealing the answer sheet inside the Faculty Room, and the syringe or tranquilizer in the Infirmary.




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