The Track Feb 15th

Running track.

The track is an area of Akademi High School where the Sports Club will practice.


It is an orange track with six white lanes. The track is located on a flat field, behind the school. When viewed from Buraza Town, it is grey with grey stands surrounding it. A Placeholder Club Leader stands in front of the track. Five dumbbells and a bucket are located right next to her.

The gymnasium is located in the right corner in the middle of the track.

The swimming pool is located in the left corner in the middle of the track, and the Shower Room in the left corner in front of the track.

The Confession Tree is located in the middle of the track.

All five Cherry Touch Volumes are found here. Volume 1 is found in the center of the running track, Volume 2 is at the top right corner, Volume 3 is at the bottom right corner, Volume 4 is at the bottom left corner, and Volume 5 is at the top left corner.


When it is fully implemented, students will start to use the running track.[1] During club activities from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM, club members will race around the track, according to the club activity description.

Sports Club Activity-0

Participating in club activities. May 1st, 2016.


  • Students, teachers, and Nemesis cannot follow Yandere-chan onto the track. Instead, they will run and twirl in place.