The video camera.

The video camera is a way to record students in Yandere Simulator.


The video camera is mounted on a large black tripod that is located in the basement. It has the ability to record things in front of it. It will only appear if Musume Ronshaku is in the basement, and disappear when Musume is returned.


When Musume Ronshaku is kidnapped, she can be recorded in the basement as part of befriending Kokona. The video can only be recorded at night. In the video, Musume is begging for help from her father, as she is afraid. The video will be sent to Musume's father. In exchange for his daughter back, all his clients will be freed from debt.


Musume being recorded. June 1st, 2016.


The recorded video being sent. June 1st, 2016.


Video Camera

The second sneak peek.

  • The first sneak peek of the camera was shown on the blog post, May Preview #1.[1] It showed Yandere-chan standing by the camera and a second screenshot of what the video camera was currently looking at.
  • The camera was modeled by Druelbozo.[2]