Yanderetale's logo.

Yanderetale is a spin-off game by YandereDev. The game can be downloaded here.

The game is a homage to Undertale. In Yanderetale, the player plays as Yandere-chan, battling Oka Ruto in a similar style to the Undertale boss battle with Sans.

The game was released on October 30th, 2016 for Halloween. It was showcased in the video, "Yanderetale Genocide Route - Oka Boss Battle" on YouTube.


  • Yanderetale is the second game released by YandereDev for Halloween, after Yanvania: Senpai of the Night.
  • YandereDev originally had bigger plans for the game, but restricted himself to working on it for only 7 days.[1]
    • Yanderetale has as much chance of becoming a full game as Yanvania does, but it would have to wait until after Yandere Simulator is finished.
  • The music that plays when fighting Oka, "BAD TIME", also plays during Bad Time Mode.